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May 5, 2010 07:56 AM

St Lawrence Market on a Friday?

Making a large bbq party on a Saturday but have tons to do that day so was hoping to buy pre-marinated chicken and beef skewers the day before. Have only shopped at the Market on a Saturday so assume variety and quality on a Friday is just fine. Thoughts?

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  1. The north market (farmer's market) is only on Saturdays but the south market will be open and fully running on Friday and I have never had availability or quality control issues. I actually prefer the south market during the week because it's far less crowded than Saturday and the vendors actually have time to chat and answer questions. Enjoy!

    1. Absolutely, we make a point of shopping there on Fridays whenever we can to avoid the Saturday crowds. Quality and vendors are the same, service is better and more relaxed, and many probably have already received deliveries to stock up for the weekend so chances are you're buying many of the exact same goods you would have bought Saturday anyway. The only real disadvantage, as previously noted, is that the North Market is only open on Saturday.

      1. Thank you!! As suspected. Am ok with missing the North Market for this visit and wont be missing the Saturday crowds for sure.

        1. I'm also someone who prefers to go on Fridays. I find I can get everything I need without the crowds, and easier parking too.

          1. I also prefer the market on week days. The only place that I've noticed that doesn't have the same variety as on a Saturday is the bakery in the basement. They have the basics, but that's it.