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May 5, 2010 07:48 AM

Green Chili - Westbrook Mall?

Anyone else hear anything about this? Gilchrist reviewed the 17th ave location on CBC's Eyeopner show this week (gave it an 8 out of 10) and mentioned they were looking at a new location in the Westbrook Mall area. Hope there's something in that rumour.

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  1. I sure hope so! Westbrook Mall needs a good restaurant , among other things ! Maybe with the C Train station finally in progress more good places will move in.

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    1. re: beekeroc

      There might not be anything right in the Mall, but there are several good restaurants in the immediate area.

      The Mall is like a kill-zone for any businesses.....

    2. I noticed the Burger Inn in Wildwood Plaza near the mall on Bow Tr looks closed. That would be a decent location.

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      1. re: greenboy

        Drove down Bow Trail today and, sure enough, the old Burger Inn in Wildwood Plaza IS the new Green Chili location.

        1. re: greenboy

          Talk about bittersweet. I kinda enjoyed the Burger Inn while it was there. OK burgers, decent fries and always friendly service. Hope those folks did OK on the deal.

          I haven't been a huge fan of the other Green Chili's I've tried, but here's hoping that they are decent. The west needs more ethnic (of all varieties) food!