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Harbour 60 or Jacob & Co.

Big b-day dinner. Please help me choose.

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  1. Both have great steaks but my pref is for Jacob & Co as I find the Harbour 60 environment just too much for me. Plus Jacob & Co has a knock it out of the park ceaser salad if that's your thing.

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      Agreed. Jacobs and Co. has a beautiful airy room, great food and that kick-ass Caesar salad!

    2. Jacob all the way unless you think 500% markup on wine is fair.

      1. Another vote for Jacob & Co. here...and have a drink in the first floor lounge first.

        1. I took my boyfriend there for his 30th bday and it was oh soooo good! We shared the ceaser salad (which is truly unbelievable) and the seared tuna to start - both excellent. We then shared the 32 oz ( i think it was ) rib eye - I have never seen a steak like that in my life! ooh and all the salts on the side are a lot of fun too. We didn't order dessert but they brought us a plate with little pecan tarts and happy birthday written on it which was a nice touch. The only thing we didn't really love were the cocktails we had at the start (mind you this was a tuesday night so maybe their regular bartender was off.. )

          Have fun and enjoy!

          1. I've never been to Jacob's but have heard great things!
            I strongly dislike Harbour 60, I know that the steaks are great...... The last time we were there the bill was insane, I had such a sick feeling, truly felt like I had been ripped off. The markups on the wine are insane and the food is extremely expensive.
            There are much better places to go spend your money with the same quality food and service.

            1. At Ruth's Chris, the sides are large enough to share. Is it the same at Jacob's?

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                The sides at Jacob are huge, definitely can be shared for a table of 4 or more, I had a 40 oz porterhouse there one time and it is good.

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                  Sounds like a must visit, girlfriend returning from Texas. We both enjoy our steak med rare, so great to share?

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                    Yes, I share the 40 oz steak with my wife. We also order some oyster to start. Good food and service. We cannot finish the side and have to pack it home.

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                      OK tried them out, excellent, much better in quality, ambiance and value than Ruth's Chris. The only thing that wasn't enjoyable was the "caramelized and braised onions" side. 8 onion halves, browned on one side then braised, IMHO nowhere near caramelized.

                      BF had the wagyu flat iron, it's the best beef he's had in Canada. I had the black cod and while a little overcooked it tasted wonderful.