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May 5, 2010 07:08 AM

Excellent spice/tea store in Boca- Mizner Park

Just wanted to pass along my recommendation for The Spice & Tea Exchange in Mizner Park. I went there on Sat to get some ras el hanout for some Moroccan kefte I was making for dinner. Not only did they have it (rare to find this stuff) but they offered to grind it up for me as well. They have a huge selection of dried spices, spice mixes, salts (both flavored and in blocks) as well as a number of really great loose leaf teas and lots of other tea/spice goodies.

Tasting/testing is welcome. Stephanie the manager is very nice & helpful and they also have spice-related events at the store.

If anyone needs some really good dried spices, rubs or mixes I highly suggest you check them out.

The Spice & Tea Exchange
426 Plaza Real (right next to Tommy Bahama on the NE side of Mizner Park)

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  1. That sounds really nice. Very specialized too, I hope they do well.

    1. I've been to the Spice & Tea in Stuart and they have some really nice stuff there. It's not the best tea I've ever had, but some of their flavored sugars and spices are exceptional.