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May 5, 2010 06:38 AM

What do you eat at Katz's if you're not eating pastrami?

I know everyone goes back and forth on the Katz's pastrami thing (I loved it but then again the last time I ate there Bush Senior was president) but what else is worth trying? I'm bringing a NY deli n00b with me when I come up in September so I want to make sure he gets something good.

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  1. This is a flawed poll.....
    I've never gone there and not eaten pastrami... or maybe you mean in the moments between bites of the sandwich... french fries and pickles I suppose

    1. The brisket is quite good. And I like the tongue (but note that it is served cold). For smaller stuff, the Knobblewurst is excellent and the franks are not bad as well.

      1. Corned beef (full fat of course).

        1. The corned beef is quite good. But why on earth not get pastrami?

          1. If you want to make sure he gets something good, make him get pastrami. Why wouldn't he?

            If that fails, the knoblewurst is great too.