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May 5, 2010 05:52 AM

Outdoor dining -STL

What are your favorite spots for outdoor dining in St. Louis? We're looking for a place with a great atmosphere, great wine list, and preferably small plates (though really, as long as the food is good we'll be happy). There will be about 9 of us dining on a Saturday evening, and we'd like to stay kind of central -- city, U City, Maplewood, Webster, etc. Thanks!

U City
, Saint Louis, MO 63101

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  1. Big Sky Cafe has a nice patio...


    Big Sky Cafe
    47 S Old Orchard Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63119

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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      Indeed they do! It's where we're thinking of going, but I've been several times and was hoping to try something new.

      1. re: BeckyAndTheBeanstock

        I'll tell you what. I will give you a suggestion of a place that is OUTTA site.

        Only thing is, they are indoor.

        But honestly, I went there this past weekend after reading nothing but raves about the place and it was awesome. I would punt on the patio.



        In leui of that, I hear Vin De Set and I believe Eclipse both have nice patios.

        1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

          Farmhaus has tables out front when the weather is nice.

          1. re: michaelstl

            Ok. They did not on Saturday night when I went.

            But all the more reason!

    2. How about Robust Wine Bar? They do the whole small plates thing and have a great wine list. They have outdoor seating as well, though Big Sky definitely has a more scenic patio.

      1. I just had lunch at Urban Eats in Dutchtown. Wonderful food - in the sandwiches/wraps/bowls category. Tables outdoors. Beer, wine, drinks - but not a real extensive list. And they close at 7 PM. So, it would not be suitable for your Saturday evening event, but it is now one of my favorite places to dine outdoors.

        1. I like Bar Italia for outdoor dining. I'm not sure if their patio is open yet or not though.

          I also like the outdoor seating at Onesto, even though it is probably further south than you want. Love that they locally source as much food as they can.

          Bar Italia has a great wine list, Onesto's is smaller but well chosen.