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May 5, 2010 05:26 AM

Berlin Help?

We are going to spend a few days in Berlin and would like to eat local/Berlin/regional (not international) food in all price ranges. I have searched this site and come up with an odd collection of recommendations but know almost nothing about them. We'd be very grateful if anyone who knows Berlin/German food could comment and/or add (or subtract).
This is what I have found:

ENGELBECKEN, witzebenstr 31. 1(4057 Berlin)
CAFE AEDES Rosenthaler str 40. (10178)
GLUCKLICH Oderberger Str 44 (10435)
NAPOLJONSKA Kastanienallee 43
WEINBAR-RUTZ, Chausseestr 8 (10115)
RENGER-PATZSCH Wartburgstrasse 54 (10823)
LUTTER & WEGNER - there seem to be several - bad sign?
MARJELLCHEN Mommsenstr 9 (10629)
LEIBNIZ KLAUSE Mommsenstr 57 (10629)
LITERATURHAUS, Fasanenstrasse 23 (10719)

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  1. This is a pretty good collection of German restos in Berlin, from low to high end.

    I guess it could be whittled down depending on which kiez (neighborhood) you'll be staying in, or whether you are willing to travel. I'd say that, apart from Weinbar Rutz which is probably at the top end, none of these places are -- while good -- worth traveling through town.

    That said -- Renger-Patzsch is probably my favorite German place in the moderately priced range. Fresh, local & seasonal ingredients, nothing super-inventive but ALWAYS very tasty.

    I'd probably scrap Kauf Dich Gl├╝cklich (it's mostly an over-hyped waffle place with long lines in the summer for no good reason) and Cafe Aedes.

    Lutter & Wegner does have a couple or 3 locations, but the food gets good reviews, so I wouldn't hold the 'local chain' impression against them.

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    1. re: linguafood

      Thanks. Very helpful. We'll be in Mitte and also Kurfurstendamm and would not like to travel across town unless for something wonderully unique.

      1. re: Fuffy

        Well, I think most places are within your reach, then. RP is a bit off the beaten path, i.e. not really near Mitte or Ku'damm, but worth it, IMO, especially if you can get a table outside.

        But Rutz, Schwarzwaldstuben, and L&W fit the Mitte bill, and Marjellchen & Leibniz Klause the Ku'damm one. Engelbecken might be a bit of a hike, but I hear really good stuff about their schnitzel.

        FWIW, most places in the city center can be reached within 30 min. The public transportation system is outstanding.

    2. Schwarzwalden is so goddamn good, and just cool. Absolutely go here. Order the,ugh, pork something, damn, pork with potatoes, sorry. Start with one of their little "pizzas" too. If you happen to order the Cherry Nectar, and find out what brand it is, please let me know. I'm back in the U.S. and considering importing it for some friends' restaurants.

      Napoljonska is a great "waffle" place. Not sure what you know about it, but there are a couple of these. Art kids turned shop owners, but they do it really well. the original is called Kauf Dem Gluck(?) or something, and is just a couple blocks away. Their interior is actually cooler (EVERYTHING is for sale), and I think their menu is bigger. Napoljonska, on taste, wins though, b/c the waffle/ice cream dish of their namesake is incredible. It's this vanilla, ice cream, pear, caramel thing... its unreasonably good. This is all junk food, but crafted so well you forget it. They also have healthier stuff,like pesto tomato and mozzarella over waffle, etc. --- Kastanienalle is just north of Mitte, I guess Kruezberg(?), its off of the EberswaldStr Ubahn stop)

      I don't know the others :)

      (just read the full list "Glucklich:" is the original waffle house I was referring to. Check them both out. Napoljonska would be great for a cozy breakfast, and Kauf is great for the end of the night (they have big indoor seating (couches) and ice cream parlor-style standing/benched area out front. In the Spring and Summer, people crowd the place at night and cool down with the homemade ice cream.

      Senor Vuong(sp?) is a good place to hit too, fun higher end Vietnamese (right in Mitte, maybe a bit up). Tian Fu is good Chinese, with a lot of great Szechaun/Sichuan dishes (careful w/ locating it, they have two locations and one market, but only one is the full on restaurant.)

      Sorry about all the misspelled names.. haven't thought about it, or spoken German in a while.

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      1. re: Russel Shank

        caveat -- the waffle places are "fun" places, not necessarily something to build your day around if your mission is food. Kastanienalle is a cool waning bohemian area and the waffle places represent/embody it well. Mostly, you're going for some nice junk food and to enjoy seeing something a little different. If you wanna see/do something novel, and like these kinds of neighborhoods, then add it to your list.

        Like I said, Glucklich is a good place to hit when you want some indulgent food and the company of other late night patrons tying off their night. Napoljonska is a smaller place, and good for a quiet sweet breakfast after you've slept off a bit of the previous night and want a no hassle no thought easy-pleasing start. It's kind of a kids' dream made manifest, sans noise.

        p.s. - correction: Monsieur Vuong.. which of course, makes a lot more sense.

      2. Schwarzwald Stuben is worth visiting for the Rothaus Pils beer on tap - it's that good.