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May 5, 2010 05:19 AM


Thinking of Riverdelight in Riverdale for Mother's Day...wondering if anybody had any feedback (never been there before)-food, ambiance, prices?

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  1. It's a nice place. The food is pretty good and the prices are reasonable ($$). For dessert, see if you can get the warm chocolate cake with ice cream... it's amazing.

    1. Its solid, not spectacular. I would compare it to a Mr. Broadway type place - a little bit of everything so if you are there with your family, evryone should be able to find something to eat (deli, israeli, salad bar). Ambiance is ok, nothing special. It can get crowded, and if going on a holiday like Mother's Day with a group during a prime meal time I would make a reservation. Prices are ok.

      1. I agree the restaurant is fine. I think a little better than Mr. Broadway. The restaurant has a fine salad bar which should be taken advantage of. The restaurant is reasonable. Service is friendly but can be spotty when the restaurant is busy.