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May 4, 2010 09:05 PM

Best Brunch in New Haven / Branford Area??

My husband and I cannot find any good brunch....We hear Bella's in New Haven is good....any other suggestions??

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  1. Have you tried La Luna's brunch? Search "brunch" in the Southern NE board; there are tons of posts already on brunches in the area.

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      yea i didnt see much except for la luna and bellas......theres nothing really in branford guilford area

    2. FYI - Just read an article in the New Haven Advocate (5/13/2010) on Brunches Eatery - 2311 Boston Post Road - Guilford.

      May be interesting to check out.

      Brunches Eatery
      2311 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 06437

      1. Tengda, an Asian fusion restaurant in Milford (1676 BPR next to Whole Foods) has lunch hours from 11:30. I ate there for the first time last week and went back with a friend the next day- it was that good! Try the Korean seafood pancake and the crab the appetizers. The servings are large and a meal of appetizers is fun to share. Next day I had the Bento lunch box- great tempura and pot stickers. The grilled eel was also good with a teriyaki sauce.
        I also like Darbar in Branford- great Indian buffet. Their sister restaurant -Royal India- in New Haven is equally good.

        1. I have been to Brunches several times. They are now my favorite for breakfast. I often eat breakfast late and my wife wants lunch - at Brunches, we're both happy. I love their whole wheat blueberry pancakes - the tall stack covers the plate and is so much, that half the time, I have to take some home - and I am a big guy. Their hash and eggs is also a really good, really big meal. Interesting omelettes. Interesting place, healthy options, big portions, fair prices. Near the Guilford/Branford town line on route 1 (I live near the shore in Guilford).

          Brunches Eatery
          2311 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT 06437

          1. What's the story on Nellie Green's??? I remember them from the '50's.

            Nellie Green's Restaurant
            50 Maple St, Branford, CT 06405