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May 4, 2010 08:09 PM

A Canucknucklehead in NOLA: Day 8.5

Morning saw us double checking everything for the return trip home. Hubig's and Zapps were carefully packed away within our luggage and because we had an appointment just off of Jackson Square before we left we decided to head to Cafe Beignet for the usual morning sugar, grease ans caffeine. Really it was no better than Cafe du Monde, they charged slightly more and we had to wait for the beignets.

A quick run down to Central Grocery secured the mandatory half-mufaletta for the trip out and a stop at Johnny's po-boys netted a dressed fried crawfish po-boy for myself and a dressed turkey club for the GF.

I must admit I was sad as the plane climbed out of Louis Armstrong International and the Cresent City disappeared beneath it's wing.

I was however happy to devour my po-boy in the Dallas/Forth Worth airport as the local food-court fare didn't really appeal to much to me. Considering they were several hours old when we got around them the po-boy'd held up really well and the GF couldn't get over the amount of turkey in the club, mine was still edible if a bit soggy (My bad).

The half mufaletta ended up in the fridge in Seattle hotel (Your welcome whoever got the room seeing as how we left it there!)

Looks like we're just going to have to come back to NOLA and feast more next year. Thanks for the Great Times, Good Eats and wonderful hospitality folks!

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  1. Thanks for all your great reports! They were a treat to read (I typed "eat" before I typed "read" - Freudian slip!)

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    1. re: txgrl99

      Thanks txgrl99, I noticed that most of them didn't get a lot of replies so I wasn't sure that people were finding them interesting/useful, glad to know someone liked 'em! :)

      1. re: bourbonstjoe

        They were great reports and I enjoyed day1 through 8.5. Keep up the good work.

        1. re: Brfoodie

          I hope to next year when I return to NOLA...already planning new venues to eat at :)

          1. re: bourbonstjoe

            Oh yeah, Joe, I know what you mean. Isn't that just the way it is ... you get back from NOLA and are immediately making a list of the restaurants to go to for next trip. I know that's the case with us. We are heading back May 24-30 after being there in November and know we won't get to "everything" we'd like to try, but we are making big dents each visit. Have nailed down dinner reservations for Monday (Dante's Kitchen), Wednesday (Upperline), and Friday (Pelican Club). Also, think we'll dine at Meauxbar for our last night in NO on Saturday, because it's close to our hotel. Do you think we'd need reservations there? Maybe drinks at Bar Tonique farther down Rampart, too. Also want to hit up Donna's Bar and Grill one night as well. What's the best night there for music? Any tips or ideas are welcome. We love the City of New Orleans....

            820 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116

            1. re: Christine

              Tuesday at the Maple Leaf for Rebirth Brass Band, Boucherie is not far from there, Dante's is close as well, I would move Dante's to Tuesday night (if they are open) that way you can go to Maple Leaf after.

              go to for a complete list of music

              8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

              1. re: roro1831

                Thanks, roro. Dante's IS closed on Tuesday. Actually, we were thinking of catching Kermit at Bullets on Tuesday night. Understand he starts an earlier show there than he does at Vaughan's on Thursdays. Hey, isn't Maple Leaf next door (or at least very close) to Jacques-Imo's? Maybe, if we don't go to Bullets on Tuesday, we could go to J-I's for dinner (I know they don't take reservations) and then walk to Maple Leaf afterward? I'll check the Maple Leaf website and see what's shakin' there the rest of the week....:) I'm thinking Donna's will be calling our name one night while we're down there!

                Jacques-Imo's Cafe
                8324 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                1. re: Christine

                  Yep one or two doors down from each other on Oak Street

        2. re: bourbonstjoe

          Oh no! Your reports were excellent and entertaining; thank you for taking the trouble, i went back and read every last one of them with immense pleasure. So please don't take the relative quiet as anything other than timing-- folks being crazy busy, what with jazz fest, indeed all the lures of the end of "high season," and now we have another much greater (and much sadder) preoccupation on our in fact, your posts lighten my otherwise grim mood. thanks again, and come back sooN!

          1. re: swampsue

            Be back just as soon as I can swampsue, my warmest wishes to all down there after the "other things". Just read the other day in a Provincial paper that British Columbia might be a promising source of oysters for NOLA if the beds take a real hit down there. Not very comforting I know but it might be a silver lining of sorts. :)

          2. re: bourbonstjoe

            I enjoyed them Canucknucklehead. :)

            1. re: Mytah

              Thanks Mytah. It all seems a little unreal now that I'm just back to the regular grind, but you fellow Hounds keep me hoping with tasty tidbits, or more to the point where to go to get the tasty tidbits !

        3. very much enjoyed your posts! please come back soon!

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            Even if I have to mail myself nonomalo12 consider it done. Now that I'm almost over the shock of realizing that Hubig's does NOT ship outside the Continental U.S. :( Damn the postal system anyways! Maybe I could ship myself back with a case in a case...hmmm.