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May 4, 2010 07:59 PM

Ocean City Md Good food recommendations and Dogfish Head Beer

Ok Ill be visiting OC at the end of the month. 2 questions. First I would like some good restaurant recommendations. Good places for crab and seafood or just all around good places. dinner lunch whatever we have no set plans so options are always good.

Second question do any places in OC have Dogfish Head beer on tap? I love the stuff and wouldn't mind trying something new or even something Ive had before but never on tap.

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    1. Hi loki993. I recently discovered Ocean City Insiders on Facebook. It is a group of locals answering questions about food and lodging there.

      I understand Hooper's is a great place for picking crabs. They have an open-air dining option on pilings out on the bay.

      Why not drive into Rehoboth and visit the Dogfish Head Bar? In Milton they offer tours of their brewery and give free samples. It is very nice and doesn't take much time. Look:

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        Id love to go to the brewery, but It will be a quick trip and I don't think we'll have time to get up there.

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          loki993, I was just in Ocean City yesterday at my dentist's office and asked for recommendations for good seafood. They said the restaurants around the marina were good. I had never been there so I drove around and was very impressed. I am looking forward to going back when I have my family with me. Crab Alley looked interesting to me.

          Crab Alley
          9703 Golf Course Rd, Ocean City, MD 21842

      2. The Globe in Berlin Md has at least 2 dogfish on tap and is located about 8-10 miles west of OC. Last Sunday they did a dogfish "dinner" with three courses for three different beers. Crab Alley is a good one, Saturdays 12-3 is AYCE oysters for 10 bucks, than just bounce around the harbor. Great sushi at The Shark or OC Wasabi, great wings at Harborside, great breakfast at Dr. Unks.

        Crab Alley
        9703 Golf Course Rd, Ocean City, MD 21842