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May 4, 2010 07:42 PM

Cheap Cheesesteaks

Hey folks,

I know cheesesteaks have been discussed to death, but everyone talks about the quality and what their favourite style is. I wanna know - what's the cheapest cheesesteak one can find in the city or surrounding areas?

I'm assuming $7.50-8.00 is the average. I think the most expensive I've had is $14ish from Mama's Pizzeria in Bala. and the cheapest was $6.00 from Sonny's (but it was really bad).
Is there a cost to quality relationship, or a certain price below which you're just served gristle on cardboard? I'd prefer to leave Wawa and Subway (etc...) out of this because they benefit from economies of scale.

Any thoughts? What's a good, authentic cheap steak? Apologies if this has been asked before, hopefully it'll be a cool discussion,


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  1. ok - Cosmi's at 8th and Dickenson is 6.50 - 7.00 on a hoagie roll (more on a seeded roll) Usually included on the best of lists here and perhaps even better is George's at 9th and christian (well one store down on the west side of 9th) I think their steaks are $5

    1. It's been awhile, but I have had some pretty good steaks from carts. there used to be one at 18th and Market that used a touch of oregano... I recall them being five bucks, but inflation may have caught up.

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          Alright! $4.50 sounds cool, are they any good? A lot of the food trucks I've tried haven't been any cheaper than retail, I'm thinking like Taco Loco or Honest Tom's... But if they're slinging cheap, good cheesesteaks then I am there (arteries be damned)

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            phillyjazz will probably be a better source of information because my cheesesteak eatin' at trucks is more of a last resort lunch when i've got a packed day of work. for the most part, as a frequent tourist getting a fix, they're fine but i haven't come across one that i felt the need to return to. i haven't seen a cart offer cheese choices, the default seems to be american (i'm a whiz girl) and no onions available (which i love). the portioning can be a bit stingy on the meat and more often the cheese. the one benefit is that since orders are made individually, no mass of steaming meat. your steak gets some good griddle time. admittedly, my real guilty pleasure at the carts/trucks is a sausage, egg and cheese for breakfast. so much processing in one bite but it always hits the spot.

            all the taco trucks i've been to have matched restaurant pricing, but i think they're the only ones that do. soul food has really been the most fabulous find at trucks for me. you might be handing over 7-9$ but in return i'm getting a fried chicken thigh the size of my head, nicely stewed collard greens and some damn fine sweet potatoes - two meals easily.

      1. IMO, Cisco's in Flourtown has a great Cheesesteak or Cheesesteak hoagie for under $5. You can eat one and have a few shorty beers for under $10 total!!

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          Cisco's straight up CS is $4.50, and a large is $7.00. Can not be beat for value - and pretty good.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I just saw a coupon for a cheesesteak for $2.75 (half price!) at the ShopRite at Front and Snyder.

            Do you think that John's is starting to worry?

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