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May 4, 2010 06:02 PM

Question about tipping on a food donation


A friend of mine is the manager of a pizza joint that donates free pizzas once a month to a non-profit organization. My friend complained that his staff never get tipped on the monthly delivery. Should the non-profit org tip on the donated food?

  1. Absolutely!
    The owner of the pizza joint may choose to donate his ingredients, labor and boxes and forego his profits, BUT the delivery person has no such agreement with the charity.

    Most businesses that give items to a charity expect them to be picked up. The delivery person should be tipped approx $2/pizza to a maximum of $20. The delivery person is taking time that could be spent delivering to other paying customers who do tip.
    Also, many delivery people supply their own car, gas and insurance and cover it with the tips as well as thier meager salary.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      I gotta +5 on this reply. The owner doesn't pay the delivery guy for tips. And delivery guy is probably working at *server* wages...which means he gets below minimal; like servers do, so tips make up to minimum wage. Your friend's TIP is probably in all things (at tax time) considered tax exempt. But Dude! Your friend expects free donated Pizza and (did he ask the delivery guy? To not tip him is a donation, ) Free delivery as a donation too?!?

      Your friend is leeching

      1. re: Quine

        Tips are taxable. Look at a W-2 form. Box 7 and Box 8.

        Gifts of less than $12,000 to any one person from any one person are not taxable.

        1. re: Cathy

          You mis-understand which part of taxable I am speaking of.

      2. re: bagelman01

        What kind of non-profit is it? If it's a soup kitchen or a mission that houses and feeds the homeless, they are probably struggling financially to make ends meet and should not be expected to tip on donations they receive. The manager still deserves to be paid for delivering the pizzas, but that money should come from the pizza shop's owner. Or else the owner should find a volunteer to make the deliveries. However, if it's a non-profit that can afford to pay, then I agree with others here. They should tip the driver.

        1. re: cheesemaestro

          Oh, come on!

          How does one determine if a non profit can or cannot afford to pay?

          Even if they're struggling to make ends meet, they're a *charitable* organization. If they can't find the time to go out and pick-up a donation of food, then by all means they must diminish the value of the donation by the amount they tip the driver who was kind enough to deliver it for them. Apparently the people who run the non-profit are too busy to be bothered to pick the items up.

          1. re: shaogo

            You haven't been around a soup kitchen or shelter much, have you? Some barely have the staff and volunteers to keep their basic services going. They need every penny they can get and often much more than they get. It's absurd to expect them to hand out a tip to everyone who donates food, when they can use that money to help fulfill a pressing community need. If a pizza place can afford to donate food to a shelter once a month, it seems to me it can well afford to give the delivery person something for delivering it. What would that be, $10 or $15 a month?

      3. I agree with bagelman01. I don't know if it's usual to expect a tip in this situation, but I certainly would tip any driver that isn't the owner of the pizza shop. If it was the owner who delivered, I would sure as heck offer a tip even if he/she refused, and probably tuck it into a pocket, saying it would cover the gas expense. It's just rude to take charity for granted if you're able to tip for such generosity and service.

        1. The non-profit probably takes the free pizza for granted. The owner should maybe talk to them about a gratuity for the delivery person or have them pick up their own pizza. Probably an oversight on the part of the non-profit.

          1. I disagree that the non-profit should tip on delivery. In the situations I've seen, there isn't really "loose cash" around to even do such thing. Rather one of the following should occur:

            1. someone from the non-profit should pick up the food
            2. the owner of the shop should deliver it himself or give his delivery guy a tip
            3. the owner should see whether anyone in his shop wants to volunteer the time to take it over to the non-profit.
            4. if there aren't any un-coerced volunteers, see 1. or 2.

            1. Non profits that take free pizzas from a store is not going to have cash hanging around to pay a tip. So no, no tipping from the non profit. Maybe the owner should tip his delivery person.