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May 4, 2010 05:56 PM

ISO: Santa Cruz food/cake delivery recs?

Wondering if anyone can help a DC Chowhound find a really yummy cake delivery outfit or other fantastic food delivery option in Santa Cruz. I am trying to send something special from afar to a friend's bachelorette/birthday weekend as I am too pregnant to travel. But need some local intel on where to try....

Was thinking a delicious, rich cake but am open to other fun foodstuffs that would wow her if you can offer suggestions. I saw Hoffman's bakery online -- as good as they brag? Other options?

Thanks so much for your guidance!

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  1. I think the Buttery Bakery is the best place in town to get a cake, an opinion that many share. I'm not so sure that they deliver, but maybe you could convince one of the attendees to pick it up? Hoffman's is decent as well (some people are very partial to the Princess torte with marzipan frosting).

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      I second the Buttery-and they make a spectacular tiramasu, but really everything they make is top notch