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May 4, 2010 05:01 PM

What's the Puerto Nuevo Lobster scene like?

Back in the early 80s it was a little town consisting of a long white building with a 7-up bottle painted on it, hiding three family-owned restaurants serving that great lobster plus rice and beans. Oh, and there was a little chapel.

I heard it later expanded to house dozens of similar places as word spread throughout the US about the famous bargain lobsters...

But now of course it's a whole different scene in Northern Mexico...Have those tiny joints, and even the town, weathered the problems? Any specific recs? The offerings at the Rosarito Beach Hotel I found, some time back, to be poor imitations of the original.

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  1. Hi broncosaurus,

    Puerto Nuevo today is a proto-Disneyland with paved streets, high-rise (three-story+) restaurants,street hawkers and lots of tourist souvenir stores.

    If you are looking for the sleepy, dusty fishing town of the past, you will not find it in Puerto Nuevo. That doesn't mean that you cannot get a good meal or good time browsing the shops.

    Popotla to the north, adjacent to Fox movie studios, is still mostly a fishing village, similar to what you are describing . The drawback is there is a high rate of car break ins and theft because you have to leave your vehicle up the road, out of sight.

    The good news is, if you want to visit Popotla and are staying in the Rosarito area, it is easy to catch a taxi.

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    1. re: Gypsy Jan

      Thanks Jan, back in the day the kids used to hang out front and, all smiles, offered to make sure your cars weren't "keyed" for a smal fee.
      I'd imagined that with all the drug war craziness that disneyland you described might've become a ghost town.
      Pop sounds like it might be worth a visit if I can drum up people brave enough to cross the border, and if I can find a designated guard dog to stay near the cars for a couple of hours.

      1. re: broncosaurus

        Hey, we have big dogs. I am willing to go with you if you are going to drive. :)

    2. Gypsy Jan is exactly right about the "scene" in Puerto Nuevo today. And, what's worse, the lobster is not very good at all and not worth the money. If you're after a good lobster meal go on to Ensenada, great sea food (great food in general) superbly prepared and reasonable prices. Right now even the street food stands serve much better and higher quality seafood than the little places in Puerto Nuevo ever did.