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May 4, 2010 04:49 PM

Any Places to Buy Real Wasabi?

I had my first taste of real wasabi a few years back at the Japanese food expo. I got in because of my friend's restaurant and was there with the rest of the food professionals. A vendor was set up with tastes of his wasabi product, sold frozen to restaurants. He had it side by side with fresh grated wasabi and the powdered stuff. Wow the real was good, even frozen/defrosted. He ended up giving me a pack and I have worked through it gingerly (pun intended) as I prepare sushi at home.

But now I need a refill. Does anyone know of a source where the real stuff can be procured? Fresh root with a grater would be one option, the frozen pre-grated product would be fine as well.

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  1. you can occasionally find it at Mitsuwa or Nijiya, and i think i may have even seen it at Surfas once or twice. try calling those places to see if they've got any on hand.

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        Granada Market on Sawtelle used to have it.

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        1. I have seen it recently at Mitsuwa and it's pretty expensive. About a hundred bucks a pound, with most packages in the thirty dollar range. Was a bit much for a one time usage...are you saying that you can grate the whole thing and freeze it to use bit by bit? I've seen the dried and powdered, but had no idea freezing was an option.

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            The dried and powdered stuff is colored horseradish, not wasabi. The frozen wasabi I had was packaged that way for restaurant use, so I assume it was grated in bulk and flash frozen. I am not sure how home grated wasabi would stand up to freezing. If I were buying the root, I would probably cut it into manageable sections and then vac pack and freeze the section, thawing out a whole piece at a time.

            The nice thing about the frozen pre-grated wasabi is that I could cut off a chunk still frozen and then thaw it out, leaving the rest frozen.