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May 4, 2010 04:42 PM

Impressive Vegetarian Entree?

Any thoughts on a beautiful and delicious vegetarian entree that would be suitable for entertaining?

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  1. How about a vegetarian lasagna?

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      Vegetarian lasagna has been a huge hit at my house even for meat lovers. Otherwise I go w/ quiche or quesadillas w/ sides. Depending on who you're trying to impress.

      Maybe soup but I always think of that as a family meal.

    2. What do you mean by elegant? How many people do you plan to host?
      Would a mushroom wellington do?
      Perhaps individual pot pies?
      Stuffed baked acorn squash?
      Vegetable napoleans?

      1. Pumpkin-stuffed tortellini with sage and butter.

        Or anything in a truffle sauce.

        1. Have a look at some of these recipes, or indeed any of Ottolenghi's recipes from The Guardian newspapaper. He specialises in imaginative vegetarian food. The Very Full Tart or Vegetable Paella might fit the bill.


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            The puy lentil galettes look creative and wonderful, but I'll have to give them a test run before serving to guests.

          2. Two particular things I've made -
            Butternut squash lasagna or cannelloni - let me know if you want the recipe - it's really rich and decadent and yummy
            Quinoa and goat cheese stuffed veggies (I used med. sized patty pan squash) - there isn't much of a recipe - but let me know... I'll put it together as much as possible. I was surprised that even the meat eaters gobbled these up.

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              a salad ,or vegetarian speghetti,a pasta salad,bake potatoes w/ parsley flakes on them or vegetarian pizza

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                I've got a good squash lasagna recipe, but I'd gladly take your approximation of the stuffed veggies. They sound like they would be pretty and delicious. Thanks!

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                  After writing this out - I realize that it's probably not much help because I can't remember the flavor much beyond the quinoa and cumin - because I don't like cheese - so someone else was doing most of the tasting! - so sorry!

                  Ok, Let's see what I can remember -
                  The squash were medium sized - carved a hole out of the top and hollowed them out a bit - left most of the flesh though - keep the tops and the stuff you carved out
                  Make quinoa - make sure it's slightly (only a little) underdone -
                  red peppers
                  squash (from the inside of the ones you carved out)
                  Any other veg you like.
                  maybe some toasted pine nuts too...
                  Mix with cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt & pepper to taste - I might have added a little cinnamon too -

                  Miix with goat cheese - actually, this might have been feta...
                  Salt and pepper the inside of the squash
                  pack the quinoa into the squash - drizzle with oil or rub with oil prior to stuffing - place the squash top on the squash - place all in a roasting pan and roast for about 30 minutes.