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Bachelorette Party Dinner for Foodies on Moderate Budget who will NOT be Sporting Tiaras or Penis-themed Accessories

I'm from New Orleans and am trying to plan a dinner for a bachelorette party in NYC. I've only been to NYC as a tourist a handful of times and and thus am in desparate need of some help! There will be 8 of us, mid to late twenties, and we're not doing the tacky bachelorette experience, but do want to go somewhere fun and delicious. We're on a moderate budget and would be open to a tapas type meal, but that's not necessary. The bachelorette is a fairly healthy eater, and prefers seafood. Any suggestions are much appreciated!! Thanks!!!

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  1. Wife and self like Lure Fishbar in Soho. Has nice buzz and good seafood, pretty nice cocktails too, not ridiculously expensive for Soho. Hosting a large, moderately boisterous party would be no issue as the place is large and quirky (decked out like a cruise liner, basement level location). Great visitor-friendly location.


    1. I would definitely suggest Otto for your party when it comes to the atmosphere and budget but since you are looking for seafood, that is out.

      Maybe try the Mermaid Inn for a casual seafood option.

      Mermaid Inn
      96 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003

      1. try Ninja in Tribeca. It's themed and fun. and it's pretty tasty.

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          Avoid Ninja at all costs- unless you want to share your party with hoardes of kids and teens. In fact, I think the only way most adults go to Ninja is because they're attending a kid's birthday party. Oh, and the food is abysmal.

        2. +10!!! For your Subject header!!!!! Made me laugh, always a good thing.

          Have you considered Chinatown or Asian places? They do amazing things with seafood and sharing is almost mandatory! And most of those place fit the modest budget...my kinda budget. And Chinatown touristing / shopping can be wicked fun.

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            If you are considering Chinatown, there are also places, like Congee Village, that can give you private room too.

          2. Can you give a precise figure by what you mean regarding "moderate"? $40 per person? $60 per person? Including tax (nearly 9%), tip (15-20%), and wine/drinks? When is your party? This weekend or a few weeks from now (it's wedding and graduation season, a lot of options may be booked already)?

            Able to accomodate large group meals:
            The Smith
            Stanton Social
            'inoteca (LES and Gramercy one)
            Blue Ribbon Bakery
            Kuma Inn
            Perbacco (a family member went recently with a large group)
            Hecho en Dumbo (larger parties are encouraged to call ahead, not sure exactly what that means as they typically don't take reservations)
            Clinton Street Baking Company
            Tia Pol
            Hill Country
            Breslin suckling pig dinner
            Daisy May's Big Pig Gig
            Locanda Verde
            Momofuku Noodle Bar fried chicken meal
            Momofuku Ssam Bar bo ssam meal
            Chinatown Brasserie

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              I was thinking moderate in NYC would be around $80 a person total. I could be way off though! Also, the date is Saturday, May 22nd. I'm hoping this doesn't coincide with graduation festivities!
              Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I'm having a blast looking up all the websites!

            2. A few options for you:
              Alta - you will be able to reserve a large table for your party. It is bustling, attractive and fun with good food and small plates.
              Stanton Social - the classic party location, but the food is good and it's on the Lower East Side, a great place to visit
              in a similar vein, Schiller's Liquor Bar has an affordable menu and an entertaining, Pastis-like atmosphere
              Finally, I think The Smith near Union Square is central to downtown and convivial. they even have a photo booth!

              Stanton Social
              99 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

              Schiller's Liquor Bar
              131 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

              1. Markt is a good choice as well

                676 6th Ave, New York, NY 10010

                1. In addition to the great selections already posted , I have done a celebratory group dinner at Boquieria in Soho. For $40 a person they give you a selection of their tapas for the table. We had about 15 people, and all left full and satisfied.

                  Also, the atmosphere is very good for a bachelorette party, trendy dining scene, packed with lots of beautiful people.

                  http://www.boquerianyc.com/ - see "Info" for description of menu for parties 6 or larger.

                  1. I am in the same boat. I am from NC and planning a bachelorette weekend in June for 8 girls in their mid twenties. We all love the meat packing district, and I have heard of Buddakan being a great option.. supposed to be good for big groups/trendy/good atmosphere- asian fusion food. Lots of places around there to get pre-dinner drinks/rooftop bars. That's what we are planning on doing. Let me know if you hear of anything else fun to do or anywhere else good to go!

                    75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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                      Ha it's good to know that I'm not the only one trying to navigate NYC from down south! Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to speak with one of my college friends who actually runs a concierge service in NYC. If I hear anything good from him I'll let you know. Also, thanks everyone for your suggestions, I'd be totally lost without them!

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                        Buddakan has some very good food. Ilili is another good option for shareable food and a lively bar.

                      2. I just went on a bachelor party trip to Medellin, Colombia, and as penance we had to pay for the bachelorette's to go to Le Bernadin (and Boom Boom Room- but that's another thread) and they we're out of their minds happy. They did it in a private dining room, and said everything was really perfect for what they were looking for...

                        1. This is by far the most entertaining post title I've seen in a long time. : )

                          What about doing classy drinks before dinner at a place like Flatiron Lounge or something followed by a moderate dinner in Chinatown as others have suggested? My wife had her bachelorette party at PDT and enjoyed very good cocktails and some good hot dogs and tots.
                          Have fun!

                          Flatiron Lounge
                          37 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

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                            Was your wife able to get reservations ahead of time?
                            I am planning my sister's bachelorette party in NYC, and she is dying to go to PDT. I've always heard you can only get reservations day-of. And I really don't want to risk not being able to get a table.

                            1. re: ABernstein

                              I believe she got it day-of but it's actually easier from what I understand to get a reservation for a larger party. This was a few years ago also so you might call them and ask. I know they had a lot of fun!

                          2. I have no suggestions for you Alexis, but you win my Best Topic Title In Quite Some Time award!!!