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Should QUICHE be served hot or cold?

I plan on serving one for mother's day. What's the optimal temperature?

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  1. I'd say room temp, not hot, not cold

    1. I would think that just slightly warm would be best, though room temperature is certainly fine.

      1. I also prefer slightly warm but am okay with room temp.

        1. I think quiche is at it's best hot or at room temperature. I don't care for cold quiche.

          1. i prefer my quiche warm.

            1. not to beat a dead horse, but...never cold. i prefer mine slightly warm, but room temperature is fine.

              1. You've had a lot of "warm" replies so I'll add that taking it out of the oven about one hour before serving works well.

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                1. HDaisy - it might depend on what's in it, but I like mine room temp or cold and I've certainly enjoyed them hot.

                  Most of mine have no meat in them so maybe that makes a difference? Cold meat isn't good nor is broccoli.

                  1. Warm or room temp for me.

                    There is a place for hot quiche - but rarely.

                    1. Let me be the first to say that cold quiche is better than no quiche, but I prefer room temp to warm, like most of the rest. Hot? That's okay, too, a notch or two down from lukewarm but pretty good anyway.