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May 4, 2010 02:34 PM

Smoke Daddy's Barbecue fridays and saturdays at the Lansdale Eagles Club

Got a menu in the mail today. They are operating five to eight pm on fridays and saturdays and no membership is required for take out. Apparently they have won several awards. I'm so there!

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  1. Do you have an address for the LEC?

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    1. re: Den

      Sure thing. 800 West Fifth Street Lansdale at the corner of W Fifth and North Mitchell. The menu also has the names Michael and Diana Wister with this phone number: 267 625 3190

        1. re: PattiCakes

          I couldn't find one. I'll ask in person when I go.

      1. OK, drove the 25 minutes off the beaten path to find this place. It was worth the drive. We ordered a sampler with pulled pork, baby back ribs and burnt ends (Hard to find burnt ends). We also ordered some smoked sausage to try. They came with 2 sides of Beans and Mac and cheese. They also packed some Carolina BBQ sauce, not my favorite, but it was very good with a small afterburner. The pulled pork was very moist and juicy, the Ribs were among the best we have had. The burnt ends were burnt on the outside, and moist on the inside, really a great treat. The sausage was just OK, not my favorite. The beans were killer and seasoned well, the Mac and Cheese was "Just OK". They were out of Brisket when we got there so that just means we will have to make another trip on a Friday night! You can call ahead, and they will have your order ready.

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          We tried Smoke Daddy's burnt endz, pulled pork and pulled chicken, got all the sides and some rolls. The burnt endz are really good. The pulled chicken is moist and tender. The pulled pork is juicy. Liked the Carolina sauce with a nice bite to it. The sides were not as good. The mac & cheese is poor. The beans are pretty decent. No one like the potato salad, didn't have much flavor to it and was too moist. The cole slaw was ordinary. The rolls were nice and very fresh. There will be more take-out orders for Smoke Daddy's!!

          I tried the pulled pork at Uncle Gregg's. It's no where near as good as Smoke Daddy's. It was dried out and the sauce had to be from a bottle. Haven't decided whether to go back and try something else.

          1. re: bucksguy14

            Try their smoked turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce bucksguy! Yum yum, getting hungry just thinking about it. It is kind of fun to compare the two places since they are so close to each other. My friend is a ribs fan and prefers Uncle Greg's to Smoke Daddy's. I have also had the pulled pork at both places and I was dismayed at the amount of fat in Smoke Daddy's pork so I prefer Greg's, but I feel lucky to live nearby so I can do more research on these matters. Maybe I just hit Daddy's on an off day. The beans with bits of smoked pork in them at Daddy's were kick ass. I also liked their smoked chicken. I got a whole one just so I could make cold sandwiches and there was even enough left over to mix with their sauce for a hot barbecue chicken sandwich. I concede that Daddy's sauce is superior. Now I really want to try those burnt endz and I have to wait til friday! Thank goodness Gregg's is open on thursday, with the hot weather I don't feel like cooking much and these places feel like a small miracle to me.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              OK carbs, since I like smoked turkey I'll give Gregg's another shot. Didn't find any fat to speak of in Smoke Daddy's pork, or in Uncle Gregg's. Maybe I got some leftovers at Gregg's? How big was that smoked chicken from Smoke Daddy's?

              1. re: bucksguy14

                It was two half chickens. I think three and a half pounds total probably. I will have to refresh my memory by ordering another. I was impressed by how moist that turkey was.

          1. Thanks for the info on this, I just pulled up the memu and it looks great! Can't wait to try it, maybe I'll try to convince the husband to pick up some bbq this friday! Speaking of take out barbeque, does anyone know if Whooleys (not sure of the spelling) in Ambler is still operating? That place has been on my must-try list for years and i have yet to make the trip over.

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            1. re: AmblerGirl

              I've heard of the one in Ambler. Where was it located?

              1. re: PattiCakes

                I found Whooley's on Yelp. There ia a review that was just posted a week ago, so I wrote to the reviewer for some details. I'll post when I get them. And yeah, she pretty much said it was over the top.

                1. re: PattiCakes

                  Is this Smoke Daddy's BBQ place "ghetto"? I know Fifth Street in Lansdale can be a little shady. Just not sure what to expect at this Eagles Club!

                  1. re: KittCat84

                    yes, poor neighborhood. but it is safe where they are.

                    1. re: teddybare

                      OK, took another ride. Wanted to try the BBQ Brisket. It was just OK, the meet had very good taste, but was dry. The burnt ends are to die for, and the Carlina BBQ sauce is very good. IMO the BBQ Brisket at Big Bobs BBQ in Blooming Glen on Saturdays has got Big Daddy's beat by a mile.

            2. Finally made it over there. The place was hopping. It can be a little hard to find even though I live in the area. So I took a practice run on thursday and they had the smoker going already and boy did it smell good. Could not have been a more mellow experience. Everyone was nice and patient and happy. The phone in orders were flowing. I got pulled pork and my friend got ribs. Both were very very good and I loved my side of barbecue beans with bits of pork in it. I could not bear to drive home, I couldn't wait, so since napkins, plastic utensils and wet towelettes were thoughtfully provided we headed over to White's Road Park. When our picnic was done I had to force myself to move onto the next thing on my to do list. I just wanted to sit there forever and enjoy the moment. Happy sigh.