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May 4, 2010 02:03 PM

Acme Smoked Fish

I'll be hosting a post Bar Mitzvah brunch on Memorial Day weekend.

Hosting 30 hungry out of towners smoke fish is gonna cost a bundle...particularly since I'll probably buy enouth for 40.

I'll be shlepping to Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn, as no such outlet exists in Jersey where I live.

Now for my question:

Does smoked fish have any shelf life? Can the leftovers be frozen.

And more to the point, does Acme still offer the quality and value that has been remarked upon on these borads earlier?

Thank you

Acme Smoked Fish
30 Gem St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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  1. I would say you'd be fine one week ahead of time if you're getting prepackaged fish. They do have some items available for custom slicing.

    The savings are considerable. A pound of whitefish salad was $3.50. Their nova (prepackaged, very nice) was $14 a pound, I think. Normally it's what, $28?

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    1. re: robotcoupe

      You should go to restaurant depot. You can get a day pass. You have to pay cash. They have Acme presliced smoked salmon. It comes in 2 1/2 to 3lb packages. It cost $10/lb. They also have 5lb tubs of whitefish and baked salmon a matter of fact, they pretty much have all the smoked fish..salmon, whitefish, sable, etc. You can go any day of the week. You'll be thanking me.

      1. re: daveyj

        Is Restaurant Depot open to the public? The website says you need tax id number for membership----i.e. commercial resale credentials.

        1. re: JonL

          CostCo also carries ACME nova lox and whitefish salad at good prices (about the same or better than the factory prices). I think it's under the Blue Hill Bay brand.

          The factory still has great prices on Fridays (8a-1p). The smoked fish does not freeze well, but should be fine for a week. I prefer to buy the unsliced/unpackaged stuff, but the vacuum-packed packs probably keep a bit longer - but they should be kept cold throughout due to the risk of botulism. Most guideliens say to store below 38F, so take ice packs and a cooler, and store them in the coldest part of the fridge.

      2. re: robotcoupe

        I was just at Acme last Friday, and $3.50 only got you 8 oz. (a half pound) of whitefish salad. The whole smoked fishes are a good value -- I got a whitefish-type fish for $5.

        1. re: Puppimus

          The Maspeth branch of Restaurant depot allows you to get a day pass. You just have to pay cash.

      3. Nova and Lox freeze very well. But the highlight at acme is the cheap white fish and their piece de resistance is the smoked baked salmon which is so fatty it'd probably last a month.