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May 4, 2010 01:47 PM

Zoe's Fish House in Northampton, MA

Zoe's Fish & Chop House closed a couple of years ago but now they have reopened under the name Zoe's Fish House, actually in Hadley, MA.

Has anyone eaten there since they reopened?

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  1. Yes, went once and was pretty underwhelmed.

    It was within a few weeks of opening so it might have just been a rough start, but my feeling was that prices were high and quality did not match up. I love seafood and really have a special place in my heart for old-school joints that do it well without needing to be "creative". I think Zoe's could fit into this mold, but the quality and consistency was not there when I ate there.

    I had never been to the old Zoe's so I can't compare the two, but I haven't been to inspired to get back to the new one. Too bad, because we could really use a good fish spot out here.

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    1. re: andytee

      I loved the old Zoe's in a grandma restaurant kind of way. The fish was standard fare but well prepared. Not so the new incarnation: fish not good on two separate occasions and even pasta dishes poorly executed. The only good thing is it has parking.

      1. re: andytee

        I have to second this opinion--the new site is very eh. I went twice to be sure...the service is very friendly, but the food is just lackluster--bready, soggy, uninspired. (There is, anyway, a lot of it, but by the end you wish there weren't.) I've had better seafood at the decidedly B-list Bridgeside Grill in Sunderland. Such a pity--there's a gaping hole in this part of the woods where a good seafood restaurant should be.

        1. re: tsusan

          It's good to hear people who knew the old Zoe's say this. I just kept wondering what was wrong with the people who liked the old place, but it sounds like things have changed - and not for the better.

      2. How depressing! But thanks for the reviews. Used to eat at the old Easthampton spot now & then, just for fried belly clams, which were OK. Was about to try the new Rt. 9 location; don't think I will.

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        1. re: mjoyous

          If you want whole bellies go to the Williamsburg snack shack when they have them fresh. They are awesome! They have them some weekends, call ahead. or just go and have whatever is special. I'm heading out for fried scallops in a few minutes>

          1. re: magiesmom

            I've been tracking the snack bar through the posts. Now that I know they have whole bellies, will have to stop on my way home sometime. Anyone know their hours? Live on the NY side of the Berkshires, and drive into the valley area on Rt 9, so go right past it! Thanks.

            1. re: mjoyous

              Snack shack hours are 11-8 daily, April to October. They only have fresh whole bellies sometimes as they have sort of a rotating schedule on weekends.

              1. re: magiesmom

                Thanks again. Will definitely stop next time I'm out that way.

        2. Also underwhelmed - skip it.

          1. drove by today and saw posted on their sign on Rt 9:

            "Now Hiring: Experienced Line Cook - inquire within."

            I guess I'm glad they used the word "experienced" but it's a little odd to me to see a place that has $20-30 entrees looking for staff through these channels. Anyhow, it struck my as somehow emblematic of all the seemed to be wrong with the place.