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May 4, 2010 01:31 PM

Any Dim Sum in Maine? Portland maybe?

Are there any restaurants in Maine that serve dim sum? Any suggestions or do we need to leave the state to find some?

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  1. I know of no dim sum in the Portland area (unfortunately).

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    1. re: cfrolio

      You sort of need a Chinese population.For Dim Sum and Chinese in general. we get our fix in Boston.

    2. Chopsticks on Center Street in Bangor does Dim Sum brunch every Sunday. It's also the best Chinese in this part of the state. Christine rules!

      Center Street Cafe
      945 Center St Ste 3, Auburn, ME 04210

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      1. re: rockblogsterbdn

        Thank you so much for this information. Guess we will be heading back up to Bangor sooner than I had thought. YIPPEE.

        1. re: Buttercupmaine

          Its not Maine but Yummy Garden in Dover, NH is closer. .They serve dim sum lunch time Sunday - Monday. There is a thread on it on CH.