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May 4, 2010 01:13 PM

nice dinner...around $50-60 per person?

hi again. i posted recently asking about a tasting menu....then i thought i shouldnt limit now posting for more recs.

im looking for either steak, or american, asian or italian.
if some of you are familiar with the LA scene, i'm looking for something similar to Animal, Hatfields, Church and State, Grace.

Any area in SD is okay. we are staying in the Escondido area, but are willing to travel all of SD county for a good meal.


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  1. There is nothing similar to Animal in San Diego. Hatfields is in someways comparable to Blanca. The closest to Church and State is most likely Cafe Chloe. Grace is comparable to 9-10 and Georges.
    If you are into steaks you might look into Cowboy Star.

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    1. re: honkman

      thanks impressed with your wide range...LA to SD is quite the distance!

      1. re: samtron608

        If you look in my profile there is a ljnk to my blog (recently started) covering mainly SD and LA at this time. My wife and I have no problems to travel a lot for good food and we consider LA as very close.

        1. re: honkman

          nice! any suggestions for omakase? price not an issue! ive seen negative reviews for it that bad?? is Ota Sushi the best SD has to offer?

          1. re: samtron608

            Sushi is one of the area we haven't tried too much but if you search through this board you will see that Kaito in Encinitas is the clear winner for sushi in SD

            1. re: honkman

              Be it quality of food, an ability to be seated (the crowds at Ota are crazy), and service, Kaito has Ota beat.

            2. re: samtron608

              Kaito is the best for sushi. If you wanted more izakaya stuff, Izakaya Sakura is good also.

              1. re: samtron608

                You heard it right, Kaito's the place to go. (...but I thought no Asian food?...)

                Best days to go for selection are Fridays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, & Wednesdays (in order), though it can get crowded at times on Fridays and Saturdays. (Regulars who want selection but not crowds tends to go on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.) However they do get deliveries every day.

                Definitely go omakase; sit with Morita-san (he has the station at the front), tell him of any likes or dislikes, and what you'll be drinking. He'll take care of the rest...

                Kaito can be very tough to find for the first timer... Best advice is to look for The Vitamin Store, and you'll find Kaito tucked away behind it along with a row of other small businesses. There'll be no obvious sign for Kaito Sushi except for a pair of not readily visible window decals, located right in-between the Sylvan Learning and Santa Fe Cafe.

                1. re: cgfan

                  hmmm. so i assume the omakase at Nobu (gaslamp) is a bad idea??

                  207 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

                  1. re: samtron608

                    Go to where their (Nobu gaslamp) Sushi chef goes - to Kaito...

                    It's fun to hear the things that go on at Nobu, straight from their Sushi chef!

                    1. re: cgfan

                      I suspect that any place in Gaslamp places at least some effort on appeasing the young/touristy crowd that frequent the area. I don't think of sushi as relying on particularly fancy techniques or many ingredients, so I suspect it suffers more when chefs are distracted by the extra effort to grab attention in Gaslamp-like areas.

        2. ROYS has a prefixe menu for around 30. Their style is Hawiian and that is part of he USA, so I would classify it as AMERICAN.