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May 4, 2010 11:54 AM

Heading to Cavendish, VT Any suggestions for dining and activities

Heading for a night away in VT and staying in Cavendish, VT. I have never been to this part of VT so if you have any suggestions on places to visit, dine, shop, etc please let me know. I would love any help I can get.


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  1. Singleton's store in Proctorsville, classic Vermont general store--gourmet foods, house-smoked meats, guns: home to what might be New England best bacon. I buy it in bulk and freeze it. Ask them to Cryovac it for you.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, who doesn't love bacon!!!

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        Good suggestion, Mainegal...Singleton's is a hoot -- great homemade sausages. For a lovely meal, I suggest the Inn at Weathersfield on rte 106 in (duh!) Weathersfield. They are very supportive of the local provenders. Chef is very creative. Another good meal, not too far away is at Keeper's in Reading also on rte 106. Both places serve tasty meals that are not going to kill your wallet. I think they are both just open for dinner and not open every night of the week (which is typical here) so call ahead

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          Have you ever been to the Castle Hill Resort? Or to the restaurant there? We made a reservation for dinner and don't know much about it.

          Castle Hill Resort
          # 131, Cavendish, VT 05142

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            Yes, I was there once. It is a beautiful setting up on the hill there. The building itself was the residence of a former Vermont governor. I can't say that the meal was memorable. It is elegant dining.

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        We went t Singleton's store. It was great and I appreciate the suggestion!!

      3. I live about 10 minutes away from Cavendish. I'd recommend Table24 in Rutland, which is about a 40 minute drive. DJ's over in Ludlow for local atmosphere; Singleton's of course, for guns, ammo, liquor and wool shirts. WAAWE store on RT 103 on the way down to Chester for local farm-produced meats, eggs and veggies. Jersey Girl Farm on 103 in Chester for raw milk. And of course my house for cheese. Have fun!