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May 4, 2010 11:47 AM

fresh tortillas near NW Evanston

Tired of stale grocery store corn (and flour) tortillas. Am in NW Evanston. Any place close by (10 minutes--I'd like to make this an easy regular spur-of-the-moment place)?

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  1. Not fresh, but Costco sells uncooked flour tortillas in their refrigerated foods section. They are translucent raw dough discs that cook up in a sklllet for about 30 seconds a side. They get bubbles in the dough just like fresh and they even char just a touch. They keep well in the fridge and can be made 1 at a time.

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      I hear you. It's especially a problem with corn tortilla's. I buy them from Mexican grocery stores when I have the time. You could go south to clark and touhy/pratt area in Chicago to find the area's best mexican groceries. Plus since you are there you could pick up fresh tamales.

      Whole foods has fresh made flour tortillas in northbrook on waukegan and Willow.

      Good tip ferret on the raw tortilla's at Costco! If anyone had raw frozen corn tortilla's that would be worth trying.

      Sorry Mousse, don't know of any mexican grocers in NW Evanston.

    2. Mexican stores all over town have freshly-made corn tortillas that definitely aren't stale---for the first half of the day they are still warm, if you stick your hand down in the box of packages of tortillas. The brand I find best for this search is Milagro. I don't know who carries them in Evanston but if you drive down through Roger's Park along Clark there will be lots of places. Definitely Edgewater Produce (Clark just below Berwyn) usually has still-warm Milagros.