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May 4, 2010 11:30 AM

Maui Recs For DC Anniversary Week

Hi there hounds. My wife and I are traveling to Maui from DC the first week of August, spending three nights in Paia and five nights at the Ritz, to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We will be leaving the kids at home and looking for relaxing with great drinks and food. I have been following the boards for a couple of months, and have some ideas, but I would appreciate your thoughts on the following:

1. The most important question has to do with dinner on our anniversary. We will be at the Ritz and want to eat reasonably close, so that we can catch a shuttle back to the hotel or a not too expensive cab ride. Ambiance (including views) and food are rated equally. Good, flinty, single grower champagne is a plus. It seems that Merrimans is the best choice, but I'd like some validation.

2. Breakfast recs in Kapalua or Lahaina. Outdoor seating is a plus, as are good egg dishes (need that protein to kick start the day) and coffee.

3. We're going to spend one day beach hopping in Wailea and need a place for lunch.

4. We were planning on hitting Hali'imaile General Store for lunch, but not dinner. Is this a mistake?

5. Here are the other restaurants we would like to try. Any that we should strike? Add (especially local specialties)? Mama's Fish House, Da Kitchen, Sansei, Paia Fish Market, Banyan Tree, Anthony's Coffee, Paia Flatbread Co..

In terms of our preferences, we value good food of every type: local dives, five star tasting menus, and everything in between. We prefer friendly service to formal and while we love good wine we would probably be more impressed with house made cocktails. If you were coming to DC, we'd recommend: Restaurant Eve, Two Amys, Rays the Steaks, Joe's Noodle House, Four Sisters, Lebanese Butcher, La Caraquena, Palena, City Zen, the PX, Pho 75, Ray's Hell Burgers and Sushi Ko.

Hope this is enough to go on and thanks in advance!

Da Kitchen
2439 S Kihei Rd Ste 107A, Kihei, HI 96753

Banyan Tree
1 Ritz Carlton Dr, Lahaina, HI

Mama's Fish House
Paia HI, Paia, HI

Paia Fish Market
2A Baldwin Ave, Paia, HI 96779

Noodle House
69-201 Waikoloa Beach Dr Ste F5, Waikoloa, HI 96738

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  1. Here are my thoughts on your choices....

    1. We went to Merriman's last year for our 25th anniversary and were not impressed. The food was just ok and pricey, even by Maui standards. The view is spectacular so I would go just for drinks at sunset.

    2. As for breakfast, try the Gazebo just south of where you are staying. They have great food and are located just off Napili Beach, a beautiful beach for walking, watching the turtles, and spending the day. You can probably find a menu online. data...although I know Bev Gannon opened a restaurant called Joe's in Wailea last year but I think it is only open for dinner.

    4. We ate at HGS last summer for lunch. It was delicious. I had a refreshing ginger lemon cocktail to start things off that I managed to recreate at home. Lunch and dinner menus are both available online so just check to see which is more appealing to you. Bev Gannon was in the restaurant that day and visited each table personally to inquire about the food. She was very friendly and gracious.

    5. We love Mama's. We go each summer for lunch and can't say anything negative about it (although I'm sure the other Mama's naysayers will chime in here). Da Kitchen opened a location just downstairs from the cinema in the wharf building in Lahaina. We have eaten at their Kihei restaurant and enjoyed the food. Definitely huge servings at reasonable prices. We also like Kool Kats, located upstairs in the wharf building, for burgers and rootbeer floats made with Roselani ice cream.

    Hope these help or at least generate some discussions

    Da Kitchen
    2439 S Kihei Rd Ste 107A, Kihei, HI 96753

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    1. re: Mimi

      Well I'm in the midst of a small report, so you will know how I feel about Bev Gannon. We did drop by the Gazebo to check it out. Like the place, like the brassy staff but just never made it back, but the food looked solid and remains all these years later on my list.

      Mamas - again, I never made it there, wanted to, but what I do know is that when I do get to return there, I will again return for lunch. Why not soak up that glorious view with equally expensive lunch. I plan on someday making Mama's my big lunch destination, lingering over the vista for a few hours, just as one is used to doing for dinner.

    2. For the anniversary meal, I see two choices nearby:

      Merriman's and the Banyan Room on property (closed on our last visit, but would have been done again, had it not have been).

      Love Mama's and even got a room at their Inn, just to finally have dinner there, after so many lunches, as we stay in Kaplua.

      Bev Gannon's is worth the effort. We finally got to do dinner there, from the Inn at Mama's Fish House. Before, it was just lunch, ;cause we had to drive back to Kapalua.

      Going back a bit, I did some in-depth reviews of Banyan Tree, Mama's, Bev Gannon's and several others.

      We were very impressed with I`o in Lahaina. The meal was excellent and the wine list very good. We had dined next to the chef and his lovely wife at Gerrad's the trip before, and he "talked the talk." This trip, we put him through his paces, and he "walked the walk." Excellent evening with no hesitation.

      Lahaina Grill was good, but got graded down on some different details on all trips.

      David Paul's - would not go back, though we were both fans from the old days.

      Chez Paul's - the same

      Mala - OK, but cannot understand the rave reviews



      Lahaina Grill
      127 Lahainaluna Rd., Lahaina Maui, HI 96761

      Banyan Tree
      1 Ritz Carlton Dr, Lahaina, HI

      Mama's Fish House
      Paia HI, Paia, HI