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May 4, 2010 10:59 AM

Austria Uncorked: So many wines, not enough time!

Hello everyone,

Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I had an excellent time.
I didn't get quite everywhere that I would've liked as the layout was a bit different from other Tastings I've attended and I didn't sit down with the program first thing to map out my plan.
Alas, I didn't try very many reds with all the lovely whites around, but next year I'll do better.
Oh and the food was delicous. Goulash & Spatzle, potato salad, cheeses, breads and little pastries with whipped cream for dessert. Definitely worth the $$$.


2008 Meinhard Forsteiter (Kremstal) Reserve Tabor Gruner Vetliner
Old vines, nice weight & levels of flavor
The 2009 "Grooner" from him was fun, light and very refreshing.

2009 Huber (Traisental) Engelreich Riesling: Great fruit, excellent, mulit-layered long finish

2009 Sattlehof (Sudsteiermark) Steirische Klassik Muskatller: Yummy
Sattlehof's Sauvignon Blanc were also very interesting.
Tons of minerals, no grapefruit grenades here.

2008 Brundlmayer (Kamptal) Steinmassel Riesling: Wonderful friut
2008 Brundlemayer (Kamptal) Heililgenstien Alte Reben Riesling: Tropcial nose & great minerality. Unfortunately for my budget, it's $60. : (

2007 Hirsch (Kamptal )Zobinger Heiligenstein Riesling & 2008 Kammerner Heiligenstein Gruner Vetliner: The volcanic soil from this vineyard made it unique & different.
On my "Buy" list. (At least the Gruvee is only about $22 for the small bottle)

2008 Stalmann (Thermenregion) Anniger Zierfandler: Zingy & delicious. 1 for me Mr. Mayer : )

2008 Prager (Wachau) Smaragd Klaus Riesling & Smaragd Achleiten Gruner Vetliner
Distinct, great structure and balance, the good stuff.

Szigeti NV Gruner Vetliner Sekt: Sparkling Gruvee, yeehaw!
His Cuvee Prestige Sekt (Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, etc.) and his Rose Sekt (Blaufrankisch & Zweigelt) were also tasty.

(Missed the vintage, it was late) Rosenhof Orion Eiswein (Gruner Vetliner) Yum!

But the pinnacle of "Wow!" was 2008 Kracher Cuvee Eiswein (Gruner Vetliner/Chardonnay)
LOVED IT! Peaches & Nectarines for days.Ooooh Baby!
2006 TBA #1 (Zweiglt) was also very nice: Roses & strawberries on the nose & palate

So, did anybody else go, either here or NY?
What did you like?

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  1. Glad you posted your first inquiry, as I didn't know about this tasting and would have missed it. I had a little longer to taste and tried 75 wines. I focused on the dessert wines (27) and got a roter veltliner (7) education, but couldn't make myself skip over the other treasures to be had. I meant to taste more reds but didn't do so.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I'm glad I could help. I lost count of exactly how many I had, so I posted the noteworthy ones. I wish I knew you were going ahead of time, it would've been to meet in person.
      Someday...oh, perhaps you're available on June 16th 5:30-7:30 pm, the Alameda Wine Co. is hosting a Heidrun Meadery Sparkling Mead Tasting event? Gordon, the winemaker is such a great guy and his stuff is amazingly delicious and quite dry.

      BTW, found this event on: http://www.
      Lots of great listings and its free.

      Oh, and if you love the dessert wines, the German Wine Society will be having a Tasting on Friday, Dec. 3rd featuring Sparklers & Stickies. I know it seems a little far out to mention, but I just got the e-mail and I didn't want to forget.