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May 4, 2010 10:19 AM

Help - resto to watch hockey on Saturday night that's NOT Cage aux Sports

6 of us are going out Saturday night, and of course the guys want to watch the game. Can anybody please recommend a restaurant that will show the game plus has good food where those of us who want to have a conversation won't be drowned out? Checked boards and found Les Brasseurs, but the last posts are quite old so I was wondering if anyone has been there recently. Tentatively booked at Mbrgr, which I know will be super noisy. Also would like to avoid downtown core if possible.

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  1. I went to see a game at Lakloche on Parc between St-Viateur and Bernard. The food was typical resto-bar stuff - burgers, pizza, nachos etc. but it was tasty and they have two giant projection screens as well as a smaller plasma screen tv. It's loud but not annoyingly so. And it's in the Mile End area so you can avoid that downtown core.

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      Thanks Lola, that's a great suggestion. Do you know if they take reservations?

      1. re: mikjomom44

        Yes definitely ! Last time I went, we were a group of 8 and we made sure to reserve the table in the middle of the restaurant facing the giant projection screen.

    2. i'm a huge fan of la station des sports (2 locations: one in the conU area and the other one near berri metro). I'm going to le st-bock tonight, i'll report back if it's good. The menu looks fantastic. Hopefully the ambiance is good too.

      1. I've half-watched hockey at "Les Cons Servent" (Papineau near mont-royal) on a small TV above the bar.

        I've seen a large screen at "Macaroni" on St-Laurent showing hockey (and food network tv)


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          Thanks, I just heard Macaroni Bar is now closed and renamed something else...

          1. re: mikjomom44

            Walked past it Saturday, and it still said Macaroni Bar on the door (& had line-up out front).

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              It's open and alive and kicking ... maybe you're confused.

          2. A couple of points to make before listing places, a) As it is the hockey game and this is Montreal, most places will be extremely loud, and made louder by the addition of the volume on the TV. b) Depending on where you choose, you might want to get there as early as 5:30 PM, some of the places are not all that large and don't take reservations. And c) depending on the type of cuisine and atmosphere my list is below:

            Scratch Kitchen at Copacobana (3910 St-Laurent) - small, students, Indian food, cheap, good.
            Mr. Steer (1198 St-Catherine) - large, hamburgers, probably the quietest place on the list, the only one dowtown as well.
            Magnan's (2602 St-Patrick). - very large, roast beef, taverne style,
            DNA, at the bar (355 Marguerite D'Youville) - High end, terroir, one of the better wine lists in town, will take reservations.
            Rotisserie Portugalia (34 Rachel O) - Very good Portuguese grill, not too expensive, tiny.

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              Try the Spanish Club (Club Social Espagnol) on St. Laurent near Marie-Anne, you need to make reservations though. I know they have at least one big screen TV.

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                Excellent points, eater Bob. (a quiet hockey game - I lol'ed. mikjomom44 is not from around these parts...) You will want to be at Copa before 6, I've learned that the hard way.

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                  Excellent recommendations, thanks EaterBob

                2. For italian food, I would suggest Cafe International on St-Laurent in Little Italy Tthey have 2 screens.

                  Cafe International
                  6714 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S3C7, CA