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May 4, 2010 09:09 AM

Portland recommendations and day trip suggestion

My husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary by visiting Portland in mid-May, staying at the Nines. We will have all day Friday-Sunday, leaving mid-day on Monday. I definitely want to explore the food carts as well as as at least 2 nice meals. We are planning to take a day trip to the coast on Friday and are trying to decide whether to explore Cannon Beach area or Lincoln City area. Which would you recommend for sight-seeing, good food, etc? What are some good local eats around both areas that you'd recommend (probably for lunch and dinner, as well as snacks in between).

I've been reading some of the other posts and some of the restaurants I think people rave about and I think we're going to try are Pok Pok, Le pigeon, and Paley's Place. Any recommendation on a nice restaurant for anniversary dinner for Sat? We love food that is local, something we can't get in Southern CA. We love sushi, seafood, steaks.

Also, we'd like to hit the food carts. What are your favorites for breakfast, lunch, and late night eats?

Lastly, where would you recommend going for shopping? We are only planning on getting a rental car for Friday to drive to the coast.

Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide!

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

Paley's Place
1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

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  1. I'd rather go to Metrovino or WIldwood or Davis Street Tavern or Laurelhurst Market or ten-01 (or many others) over Paley's...even if someone else is paying, but that is just one woman's opinion. If you are stuck on Paley's, you should make it your anniversary dinner, and tell them that when making reservations.

    Most of the downtown food cart pods are only open during the week, though there are now pods all over the city. If you want to try the downtown ones, save Friday and Monday for it. A personal fave of mine is the schnitzelwich at Tabor.

    Best source for food cart info:

    I would try to pare down your list as far as travel, do coast or gorge (as much as I adore the coast, if you've never seen waterfalls in the gorge, it's pretty amazing and not something you can see in many places) and spend the rest of your time in Portland...there is so much to do and eat around here and traveling back and forth takes hours (1.5-2 hrs each way to the coast, about 1hr each way to the gorge), though the drive to the coast is very pretty once you clear the burbs... It can all theoretically be done in your time frame, but you may need a vacation after your vacation! ;o


    And, shopping for what?

    You should hit the Portland Farmers' Market on Saturday morning by PSU on the Park Blocks...see the local bounty, taste the local cheeses and other foods, you can even get breakfast there (Pine State Biscuits!).

    Hit Sahagun and cacao for chocolate (Sahagun makes her own, and makes the best drinking chocolate; cacao features several local chocolatiers, incl. DePaula Confections truffles - YUM!, and non-local great stuff, incl. a lot of single origin and specialty bars).

    The Pearl is a lot of upscale SoHo like shopping, with Cool Moon Ice Cream on the corner of NW 11th and Johnson...great small batch handmade stuff, sample to your heart's content, and the best hot fudge I have ever had anywhere.

    Thanks for looking and posting again. You get better and more responses when you do the research and ask specific questions...and this is the season where this board starts to get deluged by the very same questions and people get frustrated.

    Laurelhurst Market
    3155 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97232

    Davis Street Tavern
    500 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209

    1. I won't answer non-food questions such as shopping and sightseeing, as those responses tend to be deleted by the moderators. This is a food site.

      I think Paley's is a lovely anniversary choice. Other top "local" cuisine places in the downtown area would be Higgins and Wildwood.

      I agree that Sahagun is an absolute must if you're a chocolate lover. And that no PDX trip is complete without the Farmers' Mkt at PSU Sat. AM.

      Top sushi would be Hiroshi and Murata, both downtown at opposite ends. Upscale.

      Late-night carts are on the east side, but they are accessible by bus. I'd recommend Pyro Pizza for late night.

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        thank you both for the suggestions. The Saturday market is definitely on my list as is Sahagun. I've decided on a day trip to the Gorge. We plan on leaving for the Gorge early Friday morning. Considering there probably isn't great food around the Gorge, is there a great place we can grab food before we leave the city to take along for picnic lunch?

        1. re: mages

          Re: food to take along to the Gorge...

          If you're leaving early early, you might want to consider picking up sandwiches and / or salads at Bunk Sandwiches -

          Or Meat Cheese Bread -

          Both are open for breakfast and lunch, although I'm not quite sure if you can pick up lunch early? Maybe, I really don't know.

          Eastmoreland Market, a little neighborhood grocery store / luncheonette in SE Portland about 15 minutes from downtown has some great stuff, too. They open at 8:30 -

          If you're leaving for the Gorge after like 10, maybe consider some of the earlier-opening food carts downtown -

          Failing those, as a last resort you can do much worse than the deli case and sandwiches at New Seasons -

          Bunk Sandwiches
          621 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR

          Meat Cheese Bread
          1406 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214