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May 4, 2010 09:03 AM

Breakfast buffets in Calgary

I've been to Traders Grill and Mother Tucker's. Are there any others I should know about?
I'm definitely not looking for recommendations for Mother's Day (too many people!), but for ongoing ones that are worth checking out.

Mother Tucker's
345 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A5, CA

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  1. Executive Royal Inn (NE) has a buffet that's better than Mother Tucker's. Brunch buffets are not really my thing, but the ham and roast beef were fresh, and they make crepes to order. Service (coffee, juice, drinks) is attentive.
    The pastries are the usual cheap sysco tray o' desserts, but you can avoid those.

    1. Our two faves for Sunday Brunch Buffets are Thomson's at the Hyatt: Eggs bennie, omlette station, fresh fruit, and breakfast pastries are their usual offerings. They're often lined up by 9:00am so I suggest reservations... and the second - Ocean's in the Coast Plaza Hotel off of 16th Av & 36th St NE. Coast is a little more old school and offers brunch w a custom omlette station and lunch/savory items - so if you aren't in the mood for breakfast type stuff you have a decent choice... but their desserts seem to be straight from the Sysco truck.

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        I second Coast Plaza! *Drool...*

        They have a flambe station as well--not to be missed! I think they have told me they bake their own desserts...perhaps they were lying to me, I don't know. Their lemon bars are to die for.

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          I dont know that they were lying, but perhaps stretching the truth... last I was there some looked like they were made in house, and some seemed too familiar (ie seen at other hotel buffets) to be handmade.