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May 4, 2010 08:41 AM

Grocery Outlet Wine Bargains

We have enjoyed a few true bargain wines from our Santa Maria GO. Recently we have had the 2008 Banrock Station 3 liter box at $ 6.99, which we thought was nicely flavored and food friendly. Not complex, but good. The recently featured Sam's Creek NZ Sauvignon Blanc at $ 2.99 is crisp and tart, but goes well with seafood and some other white meat dishes.

Best buy was the 2001 Ravenswood Carignane that is full flovored, complex and a great selection with Italian foods. Please post your finds and help others enjoy them too.

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  1. I've had such lousy luck at the Grocery Outlets in Nevada. A friend finds some gems, including a nice Aussie Riesling for $2 a bottle last year.
    I'm guessing it varies from store to store depending on the wines picked by the store manager.
    The Grocery Outlet in Berkeley sounds like cheap wine heaven.

    1. I had fun at the 20% off wine sale recently at Oakland/Berkeley:

      2004 Joseph Scharsch Alsace Grand Cru Altenberg de Wolxheim Riesling ($4.99) Layered minerals mixed in with a subtle friut component. Yummy.

      2006 Winzer Krems Austria Kremser Pfaffenberg Riesling : $5-6
      Lean, clean minerals & friut. The Gruner Vetliner from the same producer was nice as well.

      2007 Nobilo Icon Series Marlborough Pinot Noir: $5.99
      Delicious bright cherries/cranberries. Want more!

      Looking forward to trying:
      2005 Raye's Hill Anderson Valley Henneberg Vineyard Pinot Noir (5.99!)
      2005 Tremani Hansen Vineyards Pinot Noir (5.99)
      2005 Tremani Russian River Valley Pinot Gris (3.99)
      2000 Vinos Magali Lujan de Cuyo-Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon
      Limited Edition 100% Cabernet ($6-8)
      2003 Barclay & Browning Lake County Zinfandel ($5-7)

      Now I just need some time off & friends over to help me to drink all of them ; )

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      1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

        Grand Cru Riesling from Alsace for $4.99? I am living in the wrong country :(

        1. re: Steve_K

          2004 Domaine Joseph Scharsch Altenberg de Wolxheim Riesling
          Regular retail was supposively $8.99(?) Imported by Lionstone Intl.
          Maybe they thought it was "too old" ; )

          Got a few more of the Nobilo Pinot Noir@5.99 for my brother: Still two cases left.
          "Best Pinot in the house" according to the Oakland wine guy.

      2. today we found two Zins, both Renwood and one the old vines selectionat $3.99
        Last bottle was nice, a bit soft and not too tannic.for the $ 2.99 bottle.
        It's in the new ad.

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