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May 4, 2010 07:06 AM

Maryland Blue Crabs

Does anyone know where i can get Blue Crabs live in Toronto? these are not refered as soft crabs but blue? have never seen them here

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  1. Many Asian markets sell live blue crabs.

    1. WERE..T@T DOES not sell large maryland blue crabs...dont mix this up with soft shell crabs are about double/triple the size

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      1. re: howisitgoing

        It's not going well if you are a Maryland Blue crab, that's how it's going.

        You can read about it here:

        It starts off by saying:

        COLONIAL BEACH, Va. (April 15, 2008) – Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced their commitment to work together to rebuild the Chesapeake Bay’s beleaguered blue crab population by directing state regulators and scientists to implement management strategies to revive the imperiled fishery.
        Governor O’Malley and Governor Kaine made their historic announcement on the banks of the Potomac River moments after they were briefed by state scientists on the results of this year’s winter dredge survey, an annual look at the health of the blue crab stock and the most reliable predictor of the upcoming season’s crab harvest numbers. Environmental scientists estimate that more than 60 percent of the Bay’s crab population was harvested in 2007.

        1. re: foodyDudey

          aren't they everywhere? they r sold live in many asian grocery stores... last week it was .99/lb at t&t... or are those some other type of blue crab?

        2. re: howisitgoing

          I've seen them at Yuan Ming in Mississauga.