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May 4, 2010 07:02 AM

Chez Mein - best cheap meal?

I ran into the hole in the wall Chez Mein this past week in Montreal. It's a late night joint and they serve "chow mein" noodles: Noodles with sesame sauce, and dumplings and a spring roll on the side. It's on the corner of Des Pins and St. Laurient. Amazing noodles. Amazing price. Perfect after eating cheese, butter, and cream all day.

Anyone else agree?

Chez Mein
3754 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1X6, CA

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  1. to be honest with you, that place is only good if your blood alcohol ratio is greater than 0.1 (or 0.2), where at that point, anything taste good. I'd rather spend an extra dollar and go across the street for a sub average shishtaouk or a burger (at Buns), or go down the block for la belle pro.

    1. NO. I don't agree at all - and I drink at Bifteck all the time. "Sesame sauce"?! That's like calling the Leafs "Cup contenders" with a straight face. It's melted peanut butter, on the cheapest, overcooked chow mein noodles. And tiny, half-frozen store-bought spring rolls. Honestly, it's not *even* fit for a drunk, and I know because, again, I'm smashed and hungry only 30 seconds away on a regular basis. Buns is the only decent late-night eats on the block, or if it's right out of the oven, a slice or 2 or 'za (the shishtaouk is brutal too).

      Disgusting noodles, at the right price if you're completely broke and desperate. iow, the foodie equivalent of taking the ugly, fat, drunk home.

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        1. re: Shattered

          Agreed. And really, when done at 'the Biffer', the walk to La Banquise seems so trivial. If I have to do the pizza option in that location, the 2+2 place is >>> to Madonna. Just putting that out there.

        2. i'm sorry -- is this serious? "amazing"?

          i used to eat this stuff. i also used to puke in back alleys. this ain't some 'golden find', what you ran into is food fit for, and priced for, a drunk. ever notice how there is literally no business before midnight?

          1. Ha ha! I was waiting for someone to do a fake review of this spot. That's hilarious. IMHO, it's the most sub-human food in Montreal. Only once I was inebriated enough to try it, and the next day found a piece of paper I had drawn on, diagramming the contents of their springrolls. I listed the ingredients as "bad dreams and whatever burned the nazi's faces in Indiana Jones."

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            1. re: wokhei

              That's a great description, too. It did occur to me this was troll, but... last night a friend -a guy who like me is old enough to know better- suggested we go there to satisfy our cravings.... and we were stone cold SOBER. Frightening.

              I'd rather go hungry, and did (watching him scarf it down was enough to temporarily lose my appetite anyway).