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May 4, 2010 03:59 AM

Dinner at Mombar Worth a Trip

Three of us ventured from Manhattan to Astoria for dinner at Mombar at my son's suggestion. The host Mustapha couldn't have been more welcoming, and the mosaic "outsider art" decor is worth a trip by itself. Wine and beer were available. It was not crowded at 8pm on a Saturday but it did fill up later. There were a number of specials available including several seafood dishes.

He put down a plate of delicious flaky bread to start (needed a refill on that). We had a mixed appetizer plate of three dips with pita, including hummus, foul and baba gannoush. The eggplant was the best I've had anywhere. We also had sauteed lemony fresh artichoke hearts that were fantastic. For main courses we had a lamb tagine with couscous, steak with rice and stewed vegetables (like the tagine), and a salmon baked in phyllo with vegetables, which was outstanding. Dinner for three including dessert and beer was about $120. We will definitely be returning.

25-22 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11103

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  1. I'm often annoyed at myself for not going to Mombar more. But, whenever I'm going to that block, I go to Ali's (Mustapha's brother, by the way). The weird thing is that the food served by each is almost totally different (within the Middle Eastern context of course). The last dinner several of us had at Mombar was great but it was when Ali closed shop to visit his father and go traveling for a month or two. Thanks for the reminder to return. Of course, I just have to point out that the price point you listed is $40pp, the same range that folks have complained about at Ali's (although you got beer included). Well worth it, in my opinion. And he will do as Ali does and create a menu with anyone who calls in advance and discusses what is wanted. Eight of us had a great "offal only" meal at Mombar a year or so ago that was very expertly prepared and very reasonably priced.

    1. does anybody know what that flaky bread is? it's delicious, it's like a croissant and a scallion pancake had a baby.