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May 4, 2010 02:29 AM

Looking for the best, most Authentic Carniceria in Phoenix...HELP!

Who has the best homemade salsas, carne asada, puerco, ceviche, etc. in the valley? No gringo-mex, the real deal.

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  1. Tough question to answer because you added in "authentic." Phoenix Ranch Market is definitely among the top. I only hesitate because I've only been in a couple of Mexican markets - among many, many - that are as clean and well merchadised as PRM. There's probably some small carniceria somewhere that knocks it out of the park but I haven't found it.

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      The other place I would add would be La Tolteca.

      La Tolteca
      1205 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

    2. Carniceria Sonora is really great. It isn't huge, but they have the best chips I've ever purchased. Seriously. They also have delicious homemade salsas. I haven't tried their meat counter, but have been told by coworkers native to Mexico that it's where they shop for their carne asada meat. In fact, I started going there on their recommendation.

      3135 South 48th Street, Tempe, AZ 85282-3182

      1. i get my carne asada from a store on the corner of osborn and 19th ave. i forget what the name of it is. i think it is phoenix farms market or something like that. anyways, they have really tasty meat, and they will grill it for you for free. i think the kind we get is diesmillo and it runs about 2.50 per lb. it went up a little. now it isnt the cleanest place but the flavor makes up for the older interior. go to the meat counter not the restaurant

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          Indeed, that is Phoenix Farms. I can't speak to the quality of their fresh meat, but they do have some decent cooked meat options on the deli/prepared side

          Phoenix Farms
          3353 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ