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May 3, 2010 11:39 PM

Mash potatoes covered sausage

Hello all,
I once went to a restaurant and I happen to eat a Mash Dog, it was so delicious! It was a Russian sausage covered with mash and deep fried. I also once went to a Greek restaurant and had a sausage covered in mashed eggplant. Can anybody tell me how this is done please?

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  1. I've never heard of it, but I think it would be similar to a Scotch Egg.

    1. Sort of related, intriguing anyway: my Edwardian English stepfather reported that in his childhood a "joint"of roast lamb was served on Sunday and then the original shape of the roast was reproduced on Monday by applying mashed potato to the leftover joint ---the result being baked until th whole thing was hot and the potato browned. Have never tried this but it sounds interesting. More or less a shepherd's pie on the bone.

      1. Can't tell you how the deep-fried ones are done but I do a similar thing under the grill. Cook (bake, grill or pan fry) whatever sausages you want. Split them in half longways without cutting them completely through (basically you are butterflying them so that the 2 halves stay together to give you more surface area so the mash doesn't fall off as easily). Lay them on a baking tray with the split sides up. Spread hot cooked mashed potato on top of them, dot with some spoonfuls of your favourite chutney or pickle or even just tomato sauce, sprinkle grated cheese (whatever takes your fancy but a tasty cheddar is nice) on top of the potato and chutney and place under a grill to melt the cheese. YUM!

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          Hi Billy, Thanks for the lovely description of the sausages! I have just finished a huge plate of traditional food and yet you stirred my appetite with this yummy idea!