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May 3, 2010 10:15 PM

Rent a large paella pan & burner?

I'm going to host a large party at the park... assuming 75-100 friends show up. I'd like to rent a giant paella pan -- any recommendations on where to go about doing this? We'll also be grilling and potlucking, so I'd be good with a pan large enough to feed 50 ppl. Likewise, if you know a caterer that does something like this, I'd be more than happy to take that recommendation -- I'm pretty good with paella, but I've never made one for this number of people and no experience using the pan over the burner (though I suspect it shouldn't be that different? That said... I'd probably want to do at least one test run before doing it for a group :-)

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  1. Making a good paella requires skill and experience. Making a great one is an art form. Getting it right the first time on a large scale with pro equipment would indeed be a stroke of luck.

    Check these folks out. They are professionals. Adriana Morera, the project leader, learned the art of making paella in Spain and can tailor your paella to your needs and satisfaction. I’m sure that you and your guests be delighted.

    Make sure to order her sangria.

    The Paella Project
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (213) 253-8485

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      I know you're 100% right, but dang, I just love trying things out myself! Haha, probably not a good idea with 100 guests... thanks for the recommendation. Adriana seems like the perfect person for something like this.

    2. I recommend you get the paella from La Espanola in Harbor City. Order the serving size you want, they loan you the pan. Take it home and if you have a Weber charcoal grill, light some coals and put a pan of hot water in it. Use this to warm the paella pan, works like a charm.

      The Paella is pretty damn good as well.

      1. i had the paella project, andriana do a paella dinner fo rme. she was fabulous. the food was delicious. she had all the right equipment, my friends were all blown away. i also think it ended up being cheaper than getting all the ingredients and equipment myself. call her immediately.
        i intead of sweating over the cooking spent time making the table pretty and actually enjoyed my party and my guests

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