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May 3, 2010 09:58 PM

Great knife skills class in LA, preferably Eastside?

I think my foodie skills would be great enhanced by improved knife skills -- nothing crazy, just more efficient and with a better understanding of how to wield those implements to get me from here to there in the prep department a whole lot faster. Anyone know of a great class? East of La Cienega or even Pasadena is preferable, but open to wherever. TIA.

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  1. Riverside City College has a pretty good culinary program. You want to check with Pasadena CC (does Pasadena have a CC?), or Glendale CC.

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      Just FYI, the "PCC" in NPR station KPCC stands for Pasadena City College.

    2. i know it's totally last-minute and Westside, but if there's any space left in this one tomorrow...

      i was going to recommend the classes at Sur La Table at the 3rd Street Farmers' Market, but i just checked the schedule and the knife skills series was yesterday and today! there's another one June 1st if you want to wait.

      1. Not eastside, but I took a half day knife skills class a few years back from the New School of Cooking - it had a dramatic impact my skills, but in hindsight I had a lot of now obvious basics to learn. My goal was also signifcantly improve prep time and the class changed that materially.

        New School of Cooking
        8690 Washington Boulevard
        Culver City, CA 90232-7460
        (310) 842-9702

        1. Their next classes are not until July, but I recently took a pickling class from the Chicks with Knives and I thought it was great. They also offer knife skills classes off of Fairfax, mid-city:

          1. Hijack: Exact same question for OC, anyone?