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May 3, 2010 08:30 PM

Best night to dine at The Bazaar ? We want to avoid the scene and enjoy the food!!!

I'm thinking Sun-Tues would be the best nights, but any tips/experiences fellow 'hounds might have to share would be appreciated.
I've made the mistake of dropping by for a drink and a bite on Sat evening, and ran away as fast as I could. The obscenely short skirts, silicone and overall scene were too much, but I really want to try the dining experience.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is it even possible to extricate "the scene" from any visit to Bazaar? May be difficult.

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      Sort of like asking when one can go to Disneyland when Mickey will be taking a "sick" day from the park.

      1. Well, with the 60 minutes feature article, whatever chance you might have had before has now been killed for at least the next 3-6 months.
        And as J.L. says, it has always been a scene any way, as withnessed by some of the pics on said program.

        1. If you want to avoid the scene, your best bet is to make a reservation for Saam...

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            Second this suggestion. When I've had reservations at the Bazaar for dinner, I've had an inexcusably long wait for a table, but the two times I've gone to Saam, it was headache free. Saam is also in it's own intimate and quiet room, so you do miss out on the scene, but at least you can hear the other people in your party talk. Saam is a set menu though - so a lot of highlights off the Bazaar menu, but obviously you don't get the flexibility of ordering a la carte.

          2. Go early - 6:00 reservation and you avoid the scene, even on a Saturday night.

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              One other word of advice - don't treat this like a Chinese restaurant and order 4 or 5 dishes at a time. Instead order one dish at a time and really savor the food. Our last meal at Bazaar was memorable and it was on a Saturday night starting at 6 pm - I think I posted about it, but can't find it.

              The pics are here:

            2. The bar is totally different from the dining room, so don't judge the scene by the former. Also, I think there are two different dining areas, one of which seemed a bit quieter and more reserved to me. As lizziee suggests, get there early and savor the food. And for the love of God, order the codfish fritters.

              PS: The red sangria is a must, but be forewarned, it packs a punch!