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May 3, 2010 07:19 PM

Where to buy the best-tasting strawberries in Southeast Florida?

You may have seen a discussion on the General Chowhounding Topics board arguing that "Strawberries have no flavor anymore."

I agree with the Chowhound who started that thread that the strawberries sold in supermarkets nowadays are awful.

Where are the best places to find sweet, flavorful strawberries in South Florida? And when's the best time of year to look for them?

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  1. The best time of year was actually a few months ago. In all honesty, I've had pretty good strawberries from supermarkets (Costco especially) as long as they've been the first ones of teh local season. After that they turn meh. There's also u-pick strawberry farms too.

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      the ones at Bedners this week were meh. They looked pretty but that was it.

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        They're winding down....but Burr's Berry Farm.....on SW 216th Street in Dade.....is a pretty good place to get them.....they're growing right out back.....Strawberry shakes are pretty good too........They'll be closing soon if they haven't already......


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          Burr's grows, by far, the biggest, sweetest, and tastiest strawberries in the county. The first berries of the year are sold out of Mrs. Burr's home on early Christmas day (orders are phoned in and must be picked up at the house Christmas morning). After that, the stand is open every day until late May. It's too hot to grow them the rest of the year.

    2. Any place that gets them from Plant City FL.

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        Right now...there are NO strawberries in Plant City.....They're out of season......My wife's catering company has been using the 3lb. cartons from Sams....they're from California....and the quality has been EXCELLENT.....They're large and plump.....

        Love Burrs....gawdawful expensive....but love them......


      2. I second the vote on Burr's we go every weekend when they open sometime in November and they try to go until Mother's Day. Great family and they have added a beautiful sitting/picnic area. Great produce there too. There is also Knaus in the Redlands there you can pick your own strawberries which are super juicy and the bakery items are addicting and great produce there as well. Like Burr's they do not open til mid November. http://www.redlandriot.com/Knaus.html

        1. Are the strawberries in season now, or is the cold weather ruining the crops?

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            Well, Burr's is open from around Christmas to Mother's Day. they really are great strawberries. They've changed the strawberry shortcake, which used to be one of the best desserts you could get any where in SoFla, but it's still good.

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              Burrs is selling fresh strawberries as well as Knaus, but with freeze warning here tonight 12/27 might not make it hoping for the best for them. They are such hard working people. Had the hot dog and strawberry shake at Burrs this past weekend, yumo.