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May 3, 2010 06:57 PM

Bread Starters (Particularly Sourdough)?

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a good sourdough bread starter in Sydney?

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  1. I am about to look for the same. I was going to try the Infinity bakery in Victoria Street Darlinghusrt (next to the fire station) the bakers often serve in the shop so you can get to them. Others to try are Sonoma and Iggy's but I have only brought their breads at retail shops not the actual bakeries so don't know how accessible they are.

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      Isn't there some appallingly expensive french bakery in Kirribilli?

    2. Did you know you can make your own starter? It's just flour + water + a little tending and waiting. Unbleaced and not overly refined flour has it's own wild yeasts stuck to it . Just add water and sit somewhere warmish. You will see it growing within 48hours and it will be sourdoughy and ready to use in about 5 days.

      Wild yeasts are floating in the air everywhere, you can catch it just by leaving a dish of water on your window sill but if you guys are innercity maybe not so nice! :)

      Have a google, there are lots of blogs with detailed instructions. Try these to start with:


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        Thanks. I'll definately check them out.

        I am a little concerned about food safety and I don't know how I'd feel baking and serving bread with wild yeast floating in the downtown air. Maybe this is part of the problem, but I'd rather find someone else (and not know where they started theirs) who has a good starter that hasn't gotten anyone sick. I'll be sure to post how my experience goes.