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May 3, 2010 05:49 PM

Pig Roasts in Northern Virgina-Who Does it?

I am looking for catering places that do pig roasts in Northern VA, don't really need any additional catering, just the pig! Even it's just a couple of guys with their own gear or a BBQ restaurant, we'll take it! Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. This is no help, I'm sure, but the only place I've ever seen anyone advertise that they do pig roasts is a guy in Shrewsbury, PA. Make sure whoever you get knows what they're doing, some family friends did their own once and that pig was NOT COOKED. I know trichinosis is not much of a worry these days, but I still want my pork cooked a bit more than our friends did for that pig. Fun though.

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      What about B'z BBQ now in Paeonian Spring Grocery? They used to be Mighty Midget BBQ and were very good

    2. I believe Backyard BBQ in Arlington does this. Never tried it though.

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        1. Ron Love did this for a work function that I organized two years ago and it was delicious. I would highly recommend him. He sells BBQ from his smoker during the summer on H St. NE. I would describe him as a high level hobbyist and a small business entrepreneur. As of two years ago, he could be reached by email at <ronnielove at>. He also does sides and other grilled foods.

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            I want a name like Ron Love... sounds very, discoish.

            My butcher and more sells whole pigs special order... they may know someone who can do the job for you:



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              Went to a backyard BBQ in DC and it was catered by Rocklands BBQ. They had an entire roasted pig, and they tore it apart for everyone to make pulled pork sandwiches. It was really awesome. A bit too visual for some, but super cool. I imagine they would cater to N Virg as well.

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                yep, I was at Rocklands the other day, and they do do whole pig... it's per person and they figure how big a hog to do based on how many people there will be.

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                  "Too visual for some" Were you with a styrofoam boat in the supermarket crowd?

            2. Lakeside Caterers specializes in whole Pig Roasts. They slow cook it all night and then bring it to your location. (not as messy as cooking it right in your driveway)
              They can send all the sides plus servers/carvers or just the pig.
              They do BBQ (pulled pork) for smaller crowds, too.
              Lakeside Caterers in Culpeper, VA. 540-825-5877