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Jun 21, 2005 05:11 PM


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has anyone tried the granola at surfas. it's sooo good.

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  1. I have shocking news...if this from a friend today...Surfas will be closing Nov. 1. After this amazing remodel, opening the cafe...

    here is what she said..have not personally confirmed. What a shame. Can anybody confirm?

    Was at Surfas yesterday. Did you know that Culver City has declared the property "eminent domain" and they have to be out by Nov. 1? This just happened at a City Council meeting Aug. 8. Apparently these decisions are rarely overturned in an appeals process. What a shame and loss.

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        1. re: Jesdamala

          This is absolutely not true. The City Council ruling involved property that Surfas owns across the street. The City is working on a project across the street for when the light rail comes. This has nothing to do with the cafe.

          1. re: culvercity

            You're right, it's not exactly true. But, the city does want to buy Les Surfas' warehouse, and he would rather close than give up the warehouse.

            While there may be some melodrama on Les' part, I'm hoping that Culver City will see that they'll need some serious P.R. damage control if they pursue this...


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          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Well, I see no particular deadline at the link, and some hints that perhaps things could be worked out. (Also, the city is just condemning the warehouse, not the building with the store and cafe -- the city no doubt feels Surfas could survive with the warehouse somewhere else, but Les Surfas disagrees. Not exactly sure why, other than anger, but . . . .)

              Nonetheless, not good news.

              1. This directly from the owners: Surfas is NOT closing, it will eventually lose the lease on the warehouse, and because the store cannot function without the close proximity of the warehouse that packages and stocks thousands of items, it will be forced to move from its current location in Culver City. More information will be coming in November, but most likely the move won't be for a few years. They plan to stay until they are evicted or find a better location. If you read the latest article on the Website, you'll see that the city has no plans for the site, they just want it back...rumor has it so that they can build either higher-rent-per-square-foot condos or a big-box store like Target.

                The current plan is to keep Surfas on the Westside, but most definitely leave Culver City after being treated so shabbily.

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                1. re: Kishari

                  Just from what I could gather from the linked articles, the city is being quiet on the proposed uses, but the unspoken plan/hope seems to be for a transportation center, probably involving light rail. (There are tracks there already.) There are lots of reasons why the city might be keeping quiet about plans, though one of them is certainly the one Surfas seems to subscribe to: they don't know what they are doing.) P.S.: just a plan to turn it over to Target or the like probably wouldn't survive a court challenge to the eminent domain takeover, unless it is part of a long-standing much broader development plan.

                  It also sounds like the city would be willing to help Surfas find a nearby new warehouse location. That whole area has developed nicely in recent years, but there are still warehouses around. I'll bet with a decent deal, the woners could figure out how to do with a warehouse within a mile instead of next door.

                  1. I am sure the name Target was just an example of what could be built, but you are right, the former Fedco at Jefferson as well as the Target on Jefferson just east of Sepulveda more than cover the city.

                    1. re: Kishari

                      The plans the City has across the street will compliment Surfas with the train coming to town. Retail and restuarants and housing will be on the site. Not a big box retailer. The City is working with Surfas to keep him in town by helping find him a replacement site.

                      1. re: culvercity

                        I don't doubt that the plans might complement the Cafe/Store well, but it doesn't seem that the owner feels that way (whether it is just to try to get the best deal from Culver City, out of principle -- the principle being, its mine, its outrageous you would take it, or whther he truly thinks the warehouse has to be next to the store for the business to work.

                        He has a new posting saying no closure/move is imminent -- a year or more away.