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May 3, 2010 03:22 PM

Another BCN find...shhh go before he's famous

Went on the recommendation of a friend tonight to Blanc de tofona. Chef David and his band of cohorts is cooking some amazing dishes. Each and every dish a twist on a favorite. Not a lot of English spoken here...but a lot of passion with each and every dish. Don't miss his signature sardine dish...I can't even describe it but WOWO! Each and every course prepared with pride and love. And the service....cannot be beat....even though we speak minimal Spanish, and they spoke minimal English, the communication was fantastic. Like I said...get to Blanc de tofona before Chef David becomes the next famous Barcelona chef and his prices get out of control,

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  1. Are you sure that's not Hugh Jackman? :-) What a cute chef!

    1. As far as I can tell (since I don't read Spanish) this restaurant is down the block from the apartment we are rent in May. We will take a look. thanks for the heads up.

      1. sockster, I'm curious. how do you get the leads on so many undiscovered barca restaurants? your reviews are great

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          To tell you the truth, I'm from the US, and whenever I come to BCN, I have a foodie friend who knows what's next on the food scene there....he's truly amazing.....and most are undiscovered like the two I mentioned, And Aleta, my wife thought he was very cute too!!

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            Was trying to find other info on this restaurant (opening hours, address, etc.) and turns out they have a Facebook page with all this info:

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            The quest for the best of the next greatest places in Barcelona begins again Octobetr 9th. Stay tuned for my rants and raves.

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              FYI, the original link to the Blanc de Tofona website is no longer active. I googled David Reartes and found some other pictures of him (and his food) on Flickr. Hmm, he doesn't look like Hugh Jackman after all. ;-)


              1. re: Aleta

                Agreed...but boy can he cook!!

          3. What is the atmosphere like? Is this restaurant too sophisticated for a 12 year old girl (who is fairly sophisticated herself)?

            Also have you been to Sureny in Gracia?