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May 3, 2010 03:17 PM

Good restaurant for bachelorette night...?

My friend and I are meeting in the city for a pre-wedding celebration, lady style. We're not traditional girly-girls--she's put a ban on the bridal-veil-w/-condoms getup, and there will not be any clubbing. We will probably avoid standalone bars because one member of the wedding party (bride's sis) is underage.

So....I'm looking for a fun, maybe trendy, definitely interesting restaurant to have a late dinner with drinks. New American. A place that feels like a night out on the town. As for location--close to downtown? We'll be staying in a hotel and I'm not familiar with Chicago--so if you have any thoughts....

(Sorry, not a lot to go on, but I'm pretty clueless here...)

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  1. What hotel/area are you staying in? That will help narrow down the suggestions. You won't be able to get into stand-alone bars with the under-ager. But she also will get carded at about 99% of restaurants. I still get carded and I'm 32. A lot of places card everyone. So be she needs to be prepared to not drink. How many people in the B'lette party? And what time is a "late dinner" for you?

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      While you do may carded at 99% of restaurants - IF YOU ORDER ALCOHOL - I think their point was a place that allowed entry without being carded.

      1. re: ferret

        If the lone underager was planning on trying to order alcohol in case she wouldn't get carded because it is a nicer/higher end/trendy/more food based and less bar like place she'd still be likely to get carded was the point I was making. She can go into practically any restaurant without ID.

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          No worries--she probably wouldn't attempt ordering anything.

          Another problem is--and I hope this isn't too annoying--but I don't know where to stay. I was going to set a couple of the priceline filters and try to get a good deal at a 4 star hotel.

          1. re: casspants

            - check out for advice on what to do and where to stay. Odds are the mods here will delete posts on non-food stuff.

            As for food, I'll throw out some ideas that have good food and are fun to be at. Chicago is pretty compact and you can get to most places by public transporation/cheap cab rides.

            Sushi Samba Rio
            Frontera - if you can get reservations

            There are tons of places in Chicago. Anything the Bride won't eat?

            702 West Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60661

            Sushi Samba Rio
            504 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

            1. re: lbs

              I pitch Carnivale every time this question comes up (easily once a month). Chicks dig it. My wife just went to a bachelorette dinner there. There isn't a thing on the menu that isn't good. desserts especially. And a very fine mojito.

              Sushi Samba has a similar vibe (not as good a menu in my opinion). One of the NY locations figured prominently in a Sex and the City episode.

              702 West Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60661

              1. re: ferret

                If you're going to consider Sushi Samba Rio, then I'll throw Sunda out there as well, although you requested "New American", I think most of the nice New American restaurants may be more subdued and less bachelorette party atmosphere than some of the places that have been suggested.

          2. re: lbs

            Oh and the party will only be 4-5 people.

      2. How about Le Colonial?

        I have had a number of girly evenings there, the food is great, the atmosphere is stunning and the service is really good.

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