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May 3, 2010 02:29 PM

Supper in Cochrane

Any suggestions for a place for an early weekend supper in Cochrane? I looked at Portofino and D'Vine but can't find any reviews. Any comments on those?

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  1. I live in Cochrane. D'Vine seems to have recently changed into a Vietnamese sub place. Not sure what happened there.

    Portofino has been really good everytime we've gone. My parents went a few weeks ago and raved about everything they had. I'll check to see which specific dishes they had since they've been there more recently than me.

    In the same stripmall complex as Portofino is Coto which is Japanese. The food is excellent but it's often slow and comes out in a strange sequence sometimes. The food is worth it though!

    Schooners on main is a great place for fish and chips too if you're in the mood for something fried. We go there at least once a month.

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      Thanks! We will try Portofino. I love Italian food.

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        Schooners food is tasty BUT has VERY small portions on a lot of their entrees.

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          Totally agree on Schooner's- excellent Fish & Chips; and if I read the comments here, it looks like we should be checking out Portofino.

          "D'Vine seems to have recently changed into a Vietnamese sub place. Not sure what happened there." - I went to D'Vine Subs n Grill (the Vietnamese place in D'Vine Food & Wine's old location) for supper to take home about 1 month ago, and knew I was in trouble when I heard a microwave fire up shortly after I ordered.

          Without going into a full review, I do not reccomend this place as the flavors are bland- we had a soup and vermicelli bowl- they most definitely mircowave their spring rolls and who knows what else. If you are looking for vietnamese in Cochrane, then Noodle House (near Safeway) is where I go.

        2. Thanks for suggesting Portofino. Dinner was great.

          1. Had Portofino this weekend, and it turns out we know the owner from about 10 years back- small world!

            The meal was great: traditional Italian served in a formal (for Cochrane) atmosphere. The carbonara seemed to have a mixture of pancetta and plain old bacon- not sure if this is "the way" it is supposed to be made, but it did add some depth to the flavours- very tasty.

            1. the Thai restaurant next to the Money Mart is fantastic food. Try the Satay Chicken appetizers.