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May 3, 2010 02:28 PM

Quick I need help with Lunch in Fort Worth

Planning on taking a young man out to lunch tomorrow and will be in Ft. Worth. We will be near the Kimble. Would like to treat him to something nice since it is his 25th birthday, but not over the top. We like any kind of food so all recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Haven't been, but Cafe Modern is on my list of "nice" to try. Also, not far away (time-wise) to the south, is Ellerbe's Fine Foods, which would definitely fit your requirements.

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      Cafe Modern is very good ... they have a great Kobe burger, as well as really nice salads, etc. I can't recall ever having had anything bad there. Tillman's Roadhouse on 7th is very close by as well (their menu is online)--very masculine vibe. Love Shack is also right there (more casual option) ... I tried to go by for lunch today, but there was a police barricade blocking my way ... looked like a few dozen people had been evacuated from somewhere--?? I would certainly think that would all be cleared away tomorrow.

      If you go to Cafe Modern, the Andy Warhol show is there right now. Would take probably an hour ... Also be sure to sit next to the glass so you can see the water. Very soothing ...

    2. Decided to go to Lonesome Dove . Sounds like a fun menu.

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        I like Lonesome Dove--I find the restaurant very well done--a comforting level of professionalism you don't find that often over this way. Not near the Kimbell though ;)

      2. Really enjoyed Lonesome Dove. Can't wait to go back for dinner.

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          This is not your usual detailed review ;) What did you have? My favorite thing when I went for lunch was the elk/foie gras/blueberry jam sliders. (Though the foie gras on one of them was a bit MIA--could've been a bit more generous.) I really liked the elk sausage ... I wonder if they do brunch? It would be good that way too ...