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May 3, 2010 01:53 PM

Portland Recommendations for First Time Visitors

We'll be in Portland spending just 2 nights downtown at the Westin. Our one full day will be spent visiting Portland State University in the morning and drive part of the Columbia River Highway in the afternoon, at least as far as Multnomah Falls.

Looking for good, solid, Portland restaurants that are moderately priced for 2 dinners and 2 breakfast or lunches. Traditional American, NW seafood, great burgers and places that do good breakfasts are what I have in mind. We'll also be in LA and Vancouver, BC so not looking for Asian, French or Italian food since we'll have plenty to chose from there. Places I've read about in the hotel area so far are:

The Roxy and Fuller's Coffee Shop for breakfast.

Dan and Louis' Oyster Bar for seafood, Huber's Cafe for traditional roast turkey dinner and Mother's Bistro.

Any comments on these places or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mother's Bistro & Bar
212 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97204

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  1. Kenny and Zukes would be great for any of the three depending on your mood. An excellent deli.

    1. I'll second Kenny & Zuke's, for a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner.

      Burgers - try Slow Bar, just across the river from downtown on the east side, on SE Grand between Washington and Stark just a few blocks north of the Morrison Bridge.

      And if you have the time, don't overlook our food carts! They're great for snacking or meals, there's really no other street food scene quite like ours anywhere else in the country.

      1. +1 food carts--definitely not to be missed.

        You would probably enjoy brunch at Veritable Quandary. Great beet-infused vodka Bloody Mary and delicious crab benedict.

        Dan & Louis's and Huber's have kind of the same old fashioned, dark Victorian feel, but with different emphases (seafood v. turkey). I would pick one or the other and substitute in some place with a completely different feel. The Davis Street Tavern serves good contemporary American/NW and you might appreciate the change of pace.

        Veritable Quandary
        1220 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204

        Davis Street Tavern
        500 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209

        1. Thanks for your suggestions. Kenny and Zuke's sounds good, as does the Davis Street Tavern. I went to the Slow Bar website and it sure looks interesting!

          I thought I read somewhere that there were some good food carts around PSU. Any particular favorites for a quick lunch?

          Davis Street Tavern
          500 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209

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          1. re: curiousgeo

            As for PSU food carts, I like New Taste of India. I'm not vegetarian but I always get the veggie special and it never disappoints. That said, if you're visiting from out of town, I'd suggest you go to one of the aforementioned restaurants and leave the food carts for the locals. The food can be great, but it can be inconvenient to eat if you don't have an office to run to!

            Taste of India
            111 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204

            1. re: MichaelG

              I'm gonna have to disagree about leaving food carts for locals.

              Besides the fact that many pods and individual carts already do arrange for seating, it's just as easy to take your food to a bench, park, fountain, wall, etc... and just enjoy the weather and the people watching. That's one of the things that make cities (especially ours) great to begin with!

              I have lunch at food carts about 3 times a week myself, and I always eat right there or at the nearest park or other public area. You don't need an office to enjoy our street food scene, especially downtown where parks and other public spaces are quite abundant.

          2. Lots of great ideas with links and pics here while our tip sheet is updated: