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May 3, 2010 01:37 PM

breakfast in Brussels

Will be spending several days in Brussels this fall. When looking to book hotels I find some include breakfast and some charge extra. Those that charge extra are asking about 20 euros per person. It seems pretty high to me. I'm guessing that there are many places to get breakfast in central Brussels, but maybe that's what breakfast goes for in Brussels. Does anyone know? Is the convenience of getting it at your hotel work the price? Thanks for any advice.

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  1. 20€ is steep, I think. I don't exactly know where you're staying but there is a lovely bakery called Charli right by Place St Catherine across from Noord Zee. If they are open in the morning, you should be able to get some lovely pastries and probably coffee. There are a few Pauls around, and those are good for breakfast (although I'm trying to stretch my mind as to where they are-- I think one is on Anspach headed to de brouckere...

    1. There's a Pain Quotidienne branch on Rue Antoine Dansaert which is close by your hotel - you'll get a decent breakfast for much less than 20 euros and they score reasonably well on quality.
      Like Paul, PQ is also a chain but a smaller one which remains authentic, in Belgium at least.

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        Of course, Pain Quotidienne completely slipped my mind. I don't know how 'authentic' plays in (save for that this is a Belgian chain that went global) but it's good and, according to my cousin, offers lots of bio products these days.

      2. If you can go to Le Pain Quotidien, its the best breakfast ever. Very nice atmosphere, very good bread and good coffee. They also have good cooked breakfast dishes, like porridge or so. You sit at communal tables with everyone else and its lots of fun.
        If you want a take-out breakfast, Pauls is probably your bet, they have very good croissants and decent other pastries and prepare sandwiches as well.